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Compatibility in the Business World

Compatibility is understanding another’s energy, whether it's the person you wake up with every morning, the person you work with every day, or the friend you call when you have a problem. Why do we connect easily to some and not to others? ENERGY. Numerology is brilliant in unlocking that mystery.

I pulled two random charts to help you understand compatibility using fictional names. Sally contacts me and wants to know why she has problems communicating with Karen at work. Working closely together, it has made work difficult for Sally.

The first position I start with is the Heart’s Desire – this is what makes us internally happy and when happy we are motivated to perform well.

Sally has a 1 Heart’s Desire – Sally is independent, taking all problems head on, enjoying the obstacles that need to be solved. She’s hard working with a lot of energy. Sally is not a follower and is probably trying to navigate her business skills to climb the corporate ladder. Being the one in the office that comes up with multiple ideas and confidently explaining each and every one, but she also needs those people around her to help her complete them. Sally really would do well owning her own business as this is the entrepreneur energy.

Any business is blessed hiring someone with 1 energy, but I would strongly suggest to Sally to be careful in how she does this as that 1 energy has a tendency to be aggressive in getting what they want. Once an idea is in her mind she is like a dog with a bone and she will keep that bone no matter who is in her way. It’s important that Sally remembers she can’t stand on the island alone and be successful. Learning patience and accepting others for what they are will speed up her advancements.

Karen has a 9 Hearts Desire. Karen works at trying to please everybody, wanting everything to be perfect. The humanitarian – emotional, sensitive, and intuitive – she is a great judge of character. 9 energy is multi-talented and dreams of being on stage. Her stage is the world and she thinks big when it comes to taking care of others, which sometimes takes away from where she is at work. The 9 energy is about forgiveness and letting go – when someone holds on to things too long resentment comes forward and emotions, drama, and a very unhappy person emerges.

Compatibility in the Business World

Sally needs to be aware that:

1. Karen thinks and makes decisions with her emotions, not the intellectual side like Sally. I think this is the biggest thing that Sally needs to understand.

2. Karen would be happiest where she is able to interact helping customers/clients through their problems. She’s intuitive and a good judge of character. A great asset to any team.

3. Karen likes things done with perfection, so does Sally, but perfection is different for each of them. One is emotional and the other analytical. One wants to be hugged and the other is alone trying to figure out a solution. That’s huge.

4. Problems need to be addressed immediately because Karen will hold onto them and resentment and drama will transpire.

My advice to Sally would be to try to respect Karen’s emotions as she can be a great asset to her and the team. Emotions are uncomfortable for Sally but that's what Karen operates on and so do many others. If she gives Karen a chance, Karen will be able to take her to places that you she might not see or understand in the business. Sally should try to use this as a learning experience and not fight it because she can't change that emotional side in Karen. Sally needs to be patient with Karen and compliment her when there has been good work done. Karen will thrive on that and want to continue to do good. Using the ability Sally has to address problems as soon as they arise will help Karen to not have time to mull things over in her head, as this grows and becomes a monster. I believe if Sally softens up just a bit and explains to Karen that her aggressiveness isn’t to be taken personally, this relationship can grow nicely.

Opposing energies in an office can be a good thing if we understand them. If we all thought the same, new ideas wouldn't emerge and grow. Remember, compatibility doesn't mean having somebody next to you that's completely like you; compatibility is taking the time to learn what that person's energy is, excepting the good and understanding the not so good.  It's easier to walk away saying "that's just Karen being Karen."

Are they compatible? Most definitely. It just takes understanding of the energy.

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