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Career Choices

For those of you who don’t know me, my love for children and young adults goes very deep. I am an advocate for all children, especially the kids that are walking a hard road. We ask a lot from our young adults to decide what profession they are going to choose at a very young age. Some know early on. My older brother did and has been very happy with his choice. On the other hand, I was very happy doing multiple things, at multiple times, holding on to multiple ideas. Get the picture? Two very different energies!

I did a reading for a college student a couple years back. He was very confused in which direction to take. When looking at his chart, I saw that he had multiple 5’s in his core energy: the energy that makes you who you are. Immediately I knew that he needed a job or career that gave him freedom. You don’t hold a 5 down. “Don’t fence me in,” is their motto. I knew that learning came easy to him as 5 is intelligent, has a great memory, and is very good with words. He just needed experience in the world. Sitting at school was uncomfortable for him and he felt fenced in. 5’s have very heightened physical senses and, if other energies in the chart align right, it could bring in problems with overindulgence. We are talking alcohol, drugs, food, sex, and so on. When I mentioned this to him I could sense that something was already in play. I warned him that he was definitely predisposed to behavior that could cause some real problems in the future if he didn’t acknowledge this part of who is was. I could tell he understood what I meant.

Career Choices

After talking a little about the energy that makes him who he is, we decided that a career that brought in frequent changes would suit him best. Some possibilities are writer (this could take him anywhere, anytime), lawyer, photojournalist, pilot, archaeologist, taxi driver, or motivational speaker to name a few.

He is doing well now and at this time is traveling and working odd jobs. He’s happy. This reading took us approximately 30 minutes and all I did was elucidate what he already knew deep down. In my mom voice, I let him know that constructed freedom will bring him more freedom than he knows, and that he should enjoy his life but not to a point that’s self-destructive. My reward: about a year later he wrote me to let me know he was doing much better.

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