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Balance in an Unbalanced Time

When Covid-19 arrived in the US in early January, I got a very uneasy feeling about my role as a Numerologist. I knew something was going to change, but I didn’t know what. I called my mentor and we had a really nice chat, but she didn't have an answer for me, either. We both believed that time would tell and that she had faith I’d figure it out. I knew the characteristics of the numbers NEVER change, no matter what! So, what was going to be different? I continued on my journey, reading for folks who were anxious and living with so much uncertainly, trying to figure it all out, and then one day it dawned on me. We’re fluctuating between the balanced and the unbalanced sides of our energy, in rapidly repeating succession. This is why one day you wake up feeling like you’ve got this and then a couple of hours later, you’re filled with anxiety, hoping for something exciting to happen. And by night time, you’re exhausted! We all knew before the virus hit that there had to be a change in our world. Things were not perfect by a long shot. It reminded me of the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result, when all along you knew that rock bottom was inevitable. In 2020, our world hit a rock bottom. 7.8 billion people are now trying to learn a new normal, and we’re all trying to do it at the same time. No wonder we’re feeling the imbalance, because at this point there really isn't a balance, yet! How does Numerology fit in with all of this? Remember that each number 1-9 has its own vibration,which produces energy, resulting in certain characteristics. Look at it this way: when you have too much energy going through an electrical line, it blows a fuse. That’s unbalanced energy. All of us are blowing fuses most days. I promise you that balance is there, with good knowledge, patience, and being honest with yourself. Finding that person with whom you can share your anxiety and frustrations is essential. Below are some descriptive words to help you understand Balance and Unbalance as I see it in Numerology. You can find my Podcast "Numbers Speak" here on my website which talks about I talk balance and unbalanced energy.  1

The one energy is exactly that… #1. It likes to make up its own mind and do its own thing, being set in its own way. Balanced: Independent, Original, New Starts, New Beginnings, Individualistic, Driven, Ambitious, Leaders, Courage, Pioneer, Energetic, Self-reliant, Confident, Persistent. Over-Balanced: Aggressive, Arrogant, Bossy, Demanding, Over-confident, Domineering, Selfish, Intolerant, Rigid, Opinionated, Pompous, Impatient, Vain. Under-Balanced: Vulnerable, Weak, Lack of Self-Respect, Insecure, Fearful, Dependent, Procrastinator, Submissive. 2 Two energy is genuinely quiet and always observing. They are happiest when in a relationship. Balanced: Cooperative, Considerate, Tactful, Sincere, Sensitive, Supportive, Devoted, Diplomatic, Loving, Patient, Understanding, Courteous, Sympathetic, Agreeable, Partnership, Peacemaker, Intuitive, Emphatic Over-Balanced:  Emotional, Paranoia, Super-sensitive, Shyness that can incapacitate them, Mischievousness, Always blaming others due to lack of its own self-confidence, Manipulative, Fault-finding. Under-Balanced: Dependent, Indecisive, uncaring, insensitive, inconsiderate, Won’t stand up for themselves. 3 Three likes to take a day off from work and go have fun, just ask the 3. They are always looking for an excuse to go play. Balanced: Fun-loving, Joyful, Friendly, Imaginative, Verbal, Youthful, Optimistic, Amusing, Flirty, Entertainer, Inspires others, Conversation (chatty), Writing, Creative self-expression, Enthusiastic, Emotional, Witty, Jokester. Over-balanced: Scattered, Undisciplined, Gossips, Embellishes speech, Over-imagination, Irresponsible, Superficial, Stuck-up, Over-enthusiastic, Immature, Silly, Over-emotional, Conceited, Exaggerating, Careless. Under-Balanced:  Fault-finding, Pessimistic, Jealous, Unkind, Insensitive, Anxious, Depressed, Temperamental, Sulky, Antisocial. 4 I call 4 my grown up number. This is very grounded energy. Loves details and organization. Work is pleasurable to the 4. Taking life too seriously can be a problem. Balanced: Practical, Loves work, Loves building systems that last, Details, Serious, Frugal, Loyal, Disciplined, Productive, Reliable, Meticulous, Good concentration, Honest, Reliable, Loves nature, Patriotic, Routines, To-do-list, Structure, Responsible. Over-balanced: Limited, Unimaginative, Rigid, Quarrelsome, Headstrong, Humorless, Intolerant, All work and no play, Too cautious, Fixed opinions, Stinginess, Stubborn, Disorganized, Vulgar, Cantankerous. Under-balanced: Lazy, Unaccountable, Disorganized, Impractical, Careless, Irresponsible.    5 Five is always on the move. Bags are always packed just waiting for someone to say lets go. Balanced: Freedom loving, Healthy boundaries, Adventurous, Sociable, Promoter, Enthusiastic, Clever, Flexible, Curious, Progression, Sensual, Charming, Multi-talented, Excellent with words. Over-balanced: Rebellious, Impulsive, Restless, Unpredictable, Hypercritical, Irresponsible, Overindulgence in Food, Drugs, Alcohol, Sex, Technology. A rolling stone, too many irons in the fire. Under-balanced: Fear of Freedom, Hanging on to situations longer than needed, Expressionless, Fear of change.     6 If you are sitting with a 6 you will most likely hear about their family and how much they mean to them. 6 is known for sacrificing themselves to be of service to others. Balanced: Domestic, Compassionate, Understanding, Protective, Warmth, Harmony, Romance, Responsible, Sacrifice, Devoted, Love, Family oriented, Creating harmony in groups, Healer, Teacher, Honest, Artistic. Over-balanced: Overly involved in others’ affairs, Interfering, Opinionated, Stubborn, Unforgiving, Worry, Anxiety regarding other’s affairs, Unreasonable, Martyr-complex, Smothering. Under-balanced: Unloving, Unfriendly, Non-committal, Inhospitable, Disloyal, Insensitive.    7 Quiet and reserved. Would rather stay home and read than go out. Knowing facts and how things work is priority with 7. Balanced: Analytical, Scientific, Researcher, Metaphysical interests, Intellectual, Clairvoyant, Dreamer, Visionary, Wisdom, Bridge between the known and unknown, Observer, Specialization, Refined, Daydreamer, Well-read, Religious, Psychic, Expert. Over-balanced: Aloof, Unsociable, Secretive, Eccentric, Impersonal, Critical, Pessimistic, Perfectionist, Over-analytical, Opinionated, Escape into drugs and alcohol, Nervous, Evasive, Self-conscious, Distrustful, Undisciplined, refuses to commit. Under-balanced: Lack of depth, Vague, Superficial, Incompetent, Forgetful, Empty-headed, Uncertain, Unenlightened.    8 8 is the business number that carries itself in a professional way. Usually likes the best of the best, but it works hard to get it. Balanced: Analytical, Businesslike, Efficient, Leadership, Practical, Successful, Confident, Honest, Responsible, Venturesome, Commanding, Enterprising, Persuasive, Planner. Over-balanced: Tactless, Stubborn, Insensitive, Egotistical, Aggressive, Prejudiced, Sneaky, Inflexible, Abuse of power, Over-ambitious, Corrupt. Under-balanced: Dishonest, Lazy, Undisciplined, Unreliable, Vulnerable, Fearful, Avoids power and money, Powerless by their own doing.   9 You will find that the 9 energy is the humanitarian way, big or small.   This is the last number we study and if you add 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9=36 3+6=9 9 Carries a little of all the energies. Balanced: Charitable, Fair-minded, Intuitive, Missionary, Understanding, Artistic, Enlightened, Gracious, Self-sacrificing, Humane, Forgiving, Loving Unconditionally, Creative. Over-balanced: Deceiving, Egotistical, Jealous, Superficial, Victimized, Pessimistic, Over-emotional, Humorless, Bitter, Depressed, Fault finding, Hateful, Self-centered, Resentful. Under-balanced: Unemotional, Disloyal, Victimized, Obstinate, Inflexible, Disloyal, Lack of compassion, Passive. In my new podcast Being Quarantined and Numbers, Stacy and I discuss how the energy is reacting through the Lifepath when quarantined. As most of us know, the law of the Universe is positive =positive and negative =negative. I've had people say to me "I would get a reading but I'm afraid you’re going to tell me something bad about Covid-19." For all of you who don't know me that is not how I do readings. I'm true to your chart and what I see through the numbers but there is discussion, kindness, and a desire to help you not be uncomfortable. My goal is always to help you through difficult times and figure the best options with respect to the energy surrounding you and how to maneuver through it will lessen anxiety.  

Sending you much love, Sue 

People ask me how often should I get a reading? I like to see people after there initial reading at least yearly. Some folks check in every 3 months and others every 3 years so it's personal preference. Energy is always shifting.

Being Quarantined and Numbers

Check it out!! Click here

Numbers Speak” can be found on:.  Google Podcasts, PocketCasts, Spotify, RadioPublic, Apple Podcasts, Breaker, Overcast, Anchor Stay strong, help others, and be kind to yourself. Sue


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