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August Monthly Forecast

Unsure of what your Personal Year is?

Personal Year 1 would make August:

9 Personal Month

The combination of 1 and 9 basically wants for “one” to stand in its own power while “nine” supports you to do selfless service for others. This is great energy to be an advocate for someone who is down on their luck. Use your strength and clarity to fight for them, and don’t let your ego get in the way. 9 Is the humanitarian. Projects that were started this year finally feel like there’s an end in sight. 9 beckons in the past, so you can resolve what needs resolution. Don’t turn your back on it. Toss out the old thinking and let the new take up residence! Seeing an old acquaintance might help you release something that you have been hanging on to for too long. Take those old ways of thinking and turn them around to better yourself. Clean out your closets: Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually. This allows for the new to make its debut next month.

Personal Year 2 would make August:

1 Personal Month

2 and 1 together encourage you to pay attention to your intuition and let issues go on their own accord without trying to force things. Being aggressive when 2 is around will always backfire. Patience and being compassionate will win the race this month. Be more of the observer at this time, and allow your ideas to help guide you in the direction of your goals. It’s easy to take things out of context and lash out without thinking. People around you are looking to you for guidance; be sensitive to their needs. If you get hurt by words, maybe they didn’t mean what you heard. Your sensitivity is heightened. Be patient and think things through. Relationships certainly play a part this month and you seem to have the clarity to understand with love.

Personal Year 3 would make August:

11/2 Personal Month

The pairing of 3 and 11/2 fosters surprises this month, and most likely, they’ll arrive through friends. Expect some delays in projects that you started last month. Pay attention to the details and stay organized as best you can. Friends that come around will need some guidance; intuitively, you’ll find you’ll have an answer for them. Don’t try to push things along; patience, cooperation, and being diplomatic will make for a peaceful month. Seeing both sides to a story will allow you to compromise, demonstrating that you’re the better person. Do everything you can to stay in a harmonious, peaceful environment. Your ideas seem to be more obtainable, but there’s still magic happening beneath the soil. Relax and keep track of your ideas.

Personal Year 4 would make August:

3 Personal Month

The pairing of 4 and 3 keeps you hopping! One day, you’ll find yourself extremely focused, and the next, all you’ll want to do is play. Your creativity is heightened, which helps you in problem solving. Use your words to express how you feel but beware of speaking too quickly. 3 is notorious for sticking its foot in its mouth. This is the month to be less serious and let go of all those feelings of limitations and restrictions. Actually, with the 4 around, you’ll probably be making all the arrangements for a vacation or some outings with friends. This is a good month to let your hair down and reward yourself for all the hard work you’ve put in so far this year. Be creative, and let your imagination soar! This is the time that you could come up with solutions for projects that have been stalled for a while.

Personal Year 5 would make August:

4 Personal Month

The 4 ushers in the practical side of life and 5 allows you to expand and alleviate any obstacles that have been holding you back. It seems like all those small details are mundane and stressful. Stay disciplined and work hard. Organize those loose ends to bring structure and clarity to your goals. Money could become an issue. Maybe you don’t have all the funds needed to continue on. Be smart but do what you can to accomplish what you have set out to do. What is completed this month could have an impact at the end of the year. Changes at work or home can cause anxiety, go with the flow and allow the variety.

It’s a good month to start changing any bad habits.

Personal Year 6 would make August:

5 Personal Month

6 supports responsibilities toward work and family, while 5 causes restlessness that desires a little freedom and fun. After last month’s slow and steady pace, this energy feels like a welcome change. Don’t be impulsive because you’re feeling so good. Enjoy that little bit of freedom, while still being responsible. It’s a fast-paced month for you! If possible, get out for a vacation or short weekend trip. Home project? This is the time to start preparing. Next month looks like the perfect month to dive into it. Expect a change of some sort at home or work. Network, do some marketing, allow yourself to test the waters in a different area that in the past may have made you uncomfortable. In other words, take a calculated risk. If you’ve been planning a change in work/business, you can expect a change that will benefit you.

Personal Year 7 would make August:

6 Personal Month

7 and 6 together support the ability to help others through problem solving. The need for 7 is to be alone and self-reflective. With so much activity around family, friends, community, work, children and animals, you’ll wonder where your quiet time went! It’s important to remember that the rewards for 6 are derived from selfless service to others. Reassure them with as much kindness and compassion you can gather. This doesn’t necessarily mean an uncomfortable or negative situation; it could be family coming for a visit, or maybe someone’s moving, and they need to stay with you for a week. Not everything will go as planned, so be ready with a plan B. In between all the busyness, get plenty of rest and relaxation. Spirituality is present because of the 7. Listen to your intuition and dreams.

Personal Year 8 would make August:

7 Personal Month

8 and 7 together equal a time of contemplation that strongly ushers in new ideas, and revising a plan for business or work. This has been a very busy year, so take some time for yourself if possible. You’re tired and things don’t seem to be going the way you want them to. Resist self-criticism, and know that by the end of the month, with a little rest, things will look different. 7 wants you to self-reflect and look at the past, present and future. This introspection can help you to research a different approach to what’s been bothering you. Make sure all your goals are where you think you want them at this time. 7 likes perfectionism, and that can slow things down to the point of never getting it done. Allow yourself to delegate what you can, to help your project move faster.

Personal Year 9 would make August:

8 Personal Month

9 and 8 join forces to usher in the need to let go of something at work. That’s going to allow a door to open for new opportunity, new experience and/or even a new friend in the future. Just letting go of old ways of thinking is huge. After last month’s sluggishness, your energy reappears, and you feel like getting the work done. People compliment you on past efforts, which gives you an encouraging boost and maybe an increase in income. Finally, you’re seeing the last stages in a project that has taken up a lot of your time. Take the lead in getting things done, but be certain to reward the people that have helped you along the way. If money comes unexpectedly pay off debt. This is definitely a month for getting business and/or work in order. If more work is piled on your plate, accept it, and realize that it could turn into something at the beginning of the year. Be patient with everybody around you, and realize that they aren’t working at the pace you are.


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