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April Monthly Forecast

Personal Year 1 would make April:

5 Personal Month

The combination of 1 and 5 produces a more energetic energy. You feel the need to make changes in family or community settings. Be flexible, to allow that expansion. Problem-solving becomes your focus, so allow yourself to step outside of the box. Restlessness is plaguing you; don’t let it make you too impulsive. Use this analytical energy to make good solid decisions. Over-indulgence can be problematic when 5 is around, so watch what you eat and drink! Week 3 could deliver a surprise that you’ll be able to release in Week 4.

Personal Year 2 would make April:

6 Personal Month

2 and 6 together foster the need to balance relationships. This is the month to compromise and work toward peace and harmony. It takes patience, love and listening. If you choose the path of fighting and arguing, you won’t win. People are depending on you for kindness and support. 6 is the healer and lover of family and friends, including your pets. Tact and diplomacy in all situations will be rewarded. Use this energy to show how much you love your circle. Responsibilities toward others can cause stress, so delegate when you can. Week 4 can deliver something new.

Personal Year 3 would make April:

7 Personal Month

The pairing of 3 and 7 supports analytical and creative energy. Using your words to solve issues seems to come a bit easier. There’s an inner desire to be alone. It’s important to respect the energy of the 3 Personal Year and continue to stay in touch friends, old and new. 7 is the spiritual energy that encourages you to self-reflect, so get your journal out and write out how you’re feeling. Get plenty of rest, and in the quiet times, do some meditation. Pick up that book you’ve been wanting to read, take a class online, and allow expansion in a creative way, to help pass the needed time of solitude. If someone approaches you with a problem, be sure to have all the facts and be optimistic. Week 4 delivers a shift around something you observed in Week 3.

Personal Year 4 would make April

Personal Month 8

4 and 8 together are business numbers, so there’s a focus on finances and the need to pay attention to details. It’s a good energy to really sit and figure out what’s coming in, what’s going out and where it’s going. It’s a good month to negotiate with credit card companies to reduce interest rates or transfer balances. The 8 Personal Month is the energy that engages the driving force behind the 4 to give it more structure in all areas of work, and this work can also be work around home. It’s a time for home projects and family unity. Put the systems that you’ve been considering in place now. Be aware of how you approach problems, because 4 and 8 together can lean toward a strong and tenacious attitude, which can make others uncomfortable. During week 3, pay attention to your health, get plenty of rest and eat right. Everybody who is in the 4 Personal Year is matching the Universal Year/Month. If anybody is feeling the pain of what our world is going through, it’s you. My guidance to you is to acknowledge that, use positive affirmations, prayers, and continue to talk with others about how you feel. These actions will help to release some of the anxiety that you’re experiencing due to our world’s pain.