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Anastasia's Story Part 2: Dance to the Rhythm of Numerology

From the Series: The Changing Energies of our Life

What is this month’s energy trying to teach?

When I met with Anastasia, our discussion started with her June's 6 energy. I asked her the question, “How did knowing about the characteristics of the 6 energy help you in this month?” Her reply was that understanding the energy made her happier and less anxious in the long run. Having such insight allowed her to lean in and allow the energy to work in her life. She also said it helped her more easily make peace with situations: embracing the good, learning from what was uncomfortable, letting go, and moving on without overanalyzing situations. “It really just helped me accept and openly embrace the timing of the energy flowing in and out of my life,” Anastasia shared.

That’s the thing about the energy of numbers. We can either fight the energy causing resistance and struggle within our lives or we can learn to understand what it is asking from us and embrace it. Doing so allows us to find peace so we can let go and move forward as we dance to the rhythms of the different energies flowing in and out of our lives like waves.

Anastasia's Story Part 2: Dance to the Rhythm of Numerology

One of the biggest examples of how the 6 energy worked in Anastasia’s life during her 9 year was the unexpected death of a former high school classmate. This event was the catalyst for one of her old longtime friends whom she had lost touch with to reach out and re-enter her life. The two have been catching up and have discussed plans to get together this summer. The event of an unexpected loss represented a completion (the energy of a 9 year) in Anastasia’s life. This happened during a 6 month where the energy is focused on family, friendships, and relationships which made room for an old friendship to be rekindled while they explore whether the relationship will be reignited or if they will finally find closure.

As Anastasia moves into July, a 7 month, she should notice themes of introversion, reclusion, soul-searching, and new learning. The characteristics of the 7 energy are asking us to slow down, to travel inward to connect with ourselves. Often this energy makes us withdraw from social gatherings to spend time alone. It is also the time we may pursue new studies or learning new skills or hobbies. If you don’t respect this energy, it will find ways to slow you down. Getting extra sleep, increasing your mediation practice, and creating space for inner reflection will make for a more peaceful feeling during this time period.

Anastasia shared that, as she transitions into July, she can already feel herself wanting to pull back from social commitments to spend quiet time alone. At work she was asked to write an article for an industry publication, which has proven to be a task a bit out of her comfort zone. It has caused her to pause and do some research to gain deeper knowledge about her new career path.

Additionally, in June, a friend (the energy of the 6) recommended some spiritual recordings (energy of the 7) for Anastasia to explore. She has begun listening to them and has found herself connecting with its themes of letting go and making peace with one’s past (the energy of her 9 year).

Check in later this month to see what else July’s 7 energy will teach Anastasia about her year of completion.

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