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Anastasia's Story: “Go within to discover where you want to be”

From the Series: The Changing Energies of our Lives

Last time I spoke with Anastasia she was preparing for July as the energy of the 7 began to enter into her life during her 9 year. As July came to a close, I spoke with Anastasia to see how she personally experienced the 7 energy last month.

Seven energy carries spirituality, research, and learning, and calls for a time to slow down and self-reflect. During a 9 year, this energy is asking us to travel inward to discover what it is we truly want. It wants us to ask ourselves, “What do I need to let go of in order to make room for something new? If we lean into this energy, it will teach us about forgiveness and unconditional love, while helping us set personal boundaries and tap into our own self-confidence.

Anastasia revealed that during her 7 month she felt low on energy and regularly sought opportunities for solitude and silence. Much of her work day was spent researching and following one new area of interest after another.  Pursuing new areas of study felt very comfortable for her during this time, while social gatherings and engaging in diverse family dynamics did not,  perfectly mirroring the energy of the 7.

Anastasia's Story: “Go within to discover where you want to be”

During periods where 7 energy is prevalent, soul searching to better understand one’s self can help open new ways to approach matters and resolve problems and conflicts with more ease.

“As I come out of this month, I find myself saying, ‘I’m done hiding myself and the life I want to live from those around me who don’t understand it,’” says Anastasia. “It is time for me to stop feeling guilty out of concern for others’ feelings and to start being okay with me.  I need to just be honest and whatever will be will be. And, if people pull away because of it, that’s ok.” Anastasia’s perspective coming out of her 7 month aligns beautifully with the overall energy of her 9 year.

Taking the time to go within and learn what the energy of the numbers is trying to teach her helps her to understand that endings and completions, which might be a little uncomfortable during the duration of the 9 Personal year energy, is only allowing her to make  room for new beginnings coming in 2018.  As she gains knowledge of the energies, her life and soul is expanding with personal growth instead of feeling uncertain as to why these changes are happening.

As Anastasia enters August, the energy of the 8 will start to flow into her life bringing a time that is ripe for self-promotion, financial wealth, and career success.

Check back later this month to see how the energy of the 8 is expected to unfold in Anastasia’s life, bringing new vibrant and exciting experiences with it.

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