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Anastasia's Story: Material Based Energy and Personal Power

From the Series: The Changing Energies of our Lives

August is vibrating with the energy of the dynamic 8 during Anastasia’s 9 year. After July’s energy that asked her to slow down and go inward, August’s energy is going to propel her forward. This is a material-based energy so themes surrounding her this month are around financial matters, business and career goals, and personal empowerment.

August’s 8 energy is asking Anastasia to be open to what is coming and the new beginnings that await her in 2018, a 1 personal year.

Anastasia's Story: Material Based Energy and Personal Power

In her year of completion (2017), the 8’s energy should feel dynamic helping to drive Anastasia’s career ambition and fuel a focused work ethic. If she leverages this energy she will attract opportunities to climb the ladder, join new business partnerships, and increase her financial wealth. However, being in the energy of a 9 year, it would be wise for her to use any additional financial wealth created to pay off any old debt, if possible.

During this 8 energy, it is a prime time for Anastasia to begin building and slowly start marketing her new fitness business as it will not only support all efforts for self-promotion, but it also is a positive energy to help with health and wellness goals and ventures. She also needs to be looking at things in her material world that are no longer serving her greatest or highest good so she can let go of those to make room for her new beginnings in 2018.

The deeper emotional side of the 8 energy is helping Anastasia to increase her sense of personal power and self-confidence to help her strengthen boundaries within her relationships. It is the number of the survivor.

August will be pushing Anastasia toward truly evaluating the ways in which she has placed limitations on herself. It will ask her to evaluate questions such as: has she sacrificed her true desires in order to please those in her personal relationships? Are there any unfulfilling relationships in her life that she needs to let go of once and for all? Is there a goal or experience she’s always wanted to pursue, but she’s let outside critics get in the way of her pursuing them?

What questions will Anastasia be faced with as she steps into her August’s 8 energy? How will she confront them? And, what is next for her as 9 year begins to shift her towards new beginnings?

Check back later this month to find out. In the meantime, schedule your personal reading on website through Calendly. Readings are done by phone, video conference, or at the Blue Heron.


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