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A Look Inside a Numerology Reading: Adam's Birthday

We’ve been walking through a hypothetical reading with “Adam” in past blog posts. (I'll clue you in - this energy belongs to John Adam Belushi, who I believe is one of the greatest talents. He chose some interesting energy to work on during this lifetime.) Click here to check out his Lifepath reading. Now we’ll take a look at his birthday.

Adam’s birthday shows us his natural talents and abilities. He has a 24/6 birthday because he was born on the 24th, so we add 2+4 = 6. As a numerologist I am looking at how that 6 is vibrating by being aware of the 2 and 4.

Here’s how his 24/6 birthday would be broken down:

You are not afraid of putting a hard day’s work in, being generous with your time and kindness. You enjoy and feel the need to take care of others. Many doctors and nurses have 6 energy around them. People gravitate to you for help with their problems. You listen well and have an intuitive way of guiding them in the right direction. You are a strong believer in that everybody deserves to be loved and given a chance. You are the one who will fight and stand up for the underdog.

You’re a straight shooter when it comes to giving advice. Honesty and integrity allows people to befriend you and trust your ability to counsel them when in need. This is an emotional energy that brings in intuitive abilities. The ability to see both sides to the story gives you the advantage of knowing how to console somebody. You are musically inclined but sometimes put it on the back burner.

A Look Inside a Numerology Reading: Adam's Birthday

You have the ability to work well with others. You’re self-disciplined, organized, and your ability to manage situations is a big part of your nature.

My advice to Adam is to be careful with feeling the need to take care of everybody. Not everybody needs your help and sometimes it’s just not appropriate. Everybody is on their own journey and that needs to be respected. On the other side, be careful you are not taken advantage of because of your goodwill. Self-love is very important for the 6 energy to understand.

Next month we will discuss Adam’s Expression number, which shows us “what we have come here to do.” It’s our life’s purpose and field of opportunity.

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