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A Look Inside a Numerology Reading

Curious what a Numerology reading is all about? Let's walk through a reading with "Adam."

The first number I look at is the Lifepath. I get this number by adding up the month, day, and year of birth. The Lifepath is the energy that we bring in with us at birth to help us on our journey. It’s familiar energy that is strongest felt from birth to late 20’s.

Think of Numerology as your GPS for life that helps you navigate life’s highway. At the beginning the road is familiar. As you continue to drive (or grow older) you hit the interstate and start seeing things you don’t recognize. During that time, you see new opportunities to explore and meet different people. Teenage years bring on challenges and delays, bringing in that familiar waiting in traffic because of road construction. Sometimes we take a turn and head in the wrong direction or maybe we were given the wrong directions – this is where numerology becomes your GPS. No matter what turn we make, getting back to that familiar highway (Lifepath) will help us on our journey/mission.

A Look Inside a Numerology Reading

"Adam" has a 3 Lifepath – he has strong creative expression (especially with words), and he's drawn to writing, acting, and singing. When I see 3 in the Lifepath position, I think comedian. He is more than likely very playful, carefree, living in the moment, and the life of the party. Luck follows him and he always believes his glass is ½ full. Adam probably has an energy level that is through the roof.

Staying on the road could be hard for Adam because society thinks everybody need to act grown up.

Adam needs to find a balance with his playfulness to a certain degree. You can’t change who you are, so it will be important that he finds the career that allows all that creative expression to come forward. If he marries, he needs to find a partner who will always be his audience and have the ability to keep up with his energy. He needs to recognize and acknowledge when he feels scattered, and slow down enough to ground himself. Always remember not being who you are will only intensify your underlying anxiety and bring on depression. Let that anxious feeling be your meter showing you are not on the right track.

We all know that person in our lives with 3 energy. Encourage them to have fun, learn from their playfulness and laugh with them.

Next month we will discuss Adam’s birthday – this shows us his natural talents and abilities.

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