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Numerology Parties

Numerology Parties

Numerology Parties

Numerology Party!!  Throw a party that is totally different from any party you’ve had or been too. Let the fun begin in your own home, with your own friends, eating snacks and drinking wine! Seriously how much fun is that. We gather together to learn about ourselves through the validation of numbers. It’s different and will leave you astonished.

What happens at a Numerology Party?

I will spend the first hour playing with all the different personalities in the room, allowing you to experience the incredible accuracy of Numerology. The second hour is spent discussing Personal Year Energy, Future Forecasting, and Healing Numbers Numerology Calendars.


“I first met Sue when my friend got four of us together for a reading. I had never heard of numerology before.  Sue is so sweet and professional and really knows her numbers! I remember she looked at my chart for a certain time period that stood out as a difficult time in my life.  I was amazed that she could see that!  She kept saying that she saw me moving the following September (about a year from the time we first met).  I had no intention of moving at that time and kept saying no, I’m not moving. Well, almost a year later....I AM moving! And, these are just two examples of how accurate her readings are.  I see Sue every so often to check my charts progress and take note of what stands out.  I also have my numerology calendar to look at each day. Sue has really helped guide me and understands my numbers and what they mean.  I LOVE her! She’s amazing.  I am so grateful I was invited to my friend’s home to meet her.”    Gail


Text today (207-907-5446) I’ll set up a time to call and answer all your questions and help you pick a date!



  • $35.00/per person

  • Minimum 3 people - Maximum 6

  • Blue Heron (in Bangor ME) is available (If you want to do it away from home)

  • I need all names as they appear on the birth-certificate and birthdate (in one email) 1 week before party.

  • All I need when I arrive is a table and chair for all the charts and some excited folks to have fun with.

  • The Hostess will receive a 2023 Healing Numbers Numerology Calendar for inviting me into your home.


Distance doesn’t pose a problem!! We can do an online Zoom Numerology Party.

You and your guest (if they are not in your home) click the link I send, and we connect on-line for a 2-hour party.

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