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Get Ready to Soothe that Family Dynamic



The overwhelming “tense” feeling plaguing your family.


You can only take so much… for so long.


It’s time for answers.


Every member of your family may be in a different position in their life path and that could be the cause of your friction.


Your Numerology charts can offer the answers you need to work WITH the compatibility numbers and create that feeling of harmony.



… your spouse whistling while they do the dishes after dinner

… your children laughing and playing together

… your mood is carefree and playful


Sounds amazing, right?


If you said YES… it’s time for a Family Compatibility Numerology Reading!!


Find the info you need to solve your stressors, calm the tension, and live in harmony.


Even a 10,000 sq ft house is too small when a family is at a friction stage without a potential resolve.


Compatibility means taking multiple charts and seeing how the energy is working together. All member can be present or not. I always admire people who book these reading alone. It tells me that they are committed to wanting relationships on a deeper level. 


I can’t wait to help create the calm!

Sue, Intuitive Numerologist

Compatibility Reading $222.00
15% off Promo Code giftlove

Information for the second chart that I will read. 

Thank you for your order!

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