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Embrace Your True Self

through Numerology

Welcome to Healing Numbers

Welcome to Healing Numbers

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​Are you stuck living a life that doesn’t feel right?

Have you wondered why some experiences keep repeating themselves over and over?
Do you worry about the disconnect between you and your child, partner, or boss?

Is there a number sequence that keeps appearing and your not sure what it means?

Life Isn’t Random;
Situations can be Predicted and Understood through the Science of Numerology.

Just by your name given at birth and birth date I will help you  understand the energy that makes you who you are and explain energy regarding the past. We will look at the present day energy and predict potential events and opportunity shown in the future chart. 


Are there certain patterns in your life that you can't explain? Numerology can help you understand those experiences that keep repeating themselves. Certain challenges that keep appearing, also can e explained through your personal Numerology Chart. 

Your reading will illuminate the choices of your past and give you the tools to build a better future!  I look forward to  reading for you as you start making the most out of your spiritual journey called life. 

Healing Numbers Numerology Readings

Healing Numbers 22, Intuitive Numerologist

Sue Coffin

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"I enjoy meeting people who desire to learn more about themselves and solve issues in their lives that involve past, present or future events. Numerology is an ancient Science that interprets the vibration of individual Numbers. Numbers are in everything, so everything has a vibration, which can be read.
My gift of intuition, allows me to take your Numerology reading even further."

Sue Coffin, Intuitive Numerologist


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