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Your Heart's Desire

We’ve been walking through a hypothetical reading with “Adam” in past blog posts. As I shared, this energy belongs to John Adam Belushi, who I believe is one of the greatest talents. He chose some interesting energy to work on during this lifetime. Today we'll look at his Heart's Desire.

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Heart's Desire – This number is found by studying the vowels in your name. It’s what makes your soul happy. If you're happy, you're motivated. I have read if therapists knew this energy, therapy would be cut in half because they could go right to the “Heart” of the problem.

16/7 – this is a lesson that John has come to overcome in his lifetime. It represents a past life where the triangle of an illicit love affair took place. He came to experience the other side of what took place in a past life. Where it sits in the heart’s desire it would suggest to me that a broken heart was inevitable through love. Now when I read his biography I can’t find a specific person who might have broken his heart. He was married to Judith from 1976-until his death in 1982. I did read that he had a problem with women writers and wouldn’t even read what they had written. This makes me question why the distrust in women. Was it from a broken heart when he was young that he never got over?

Your Heart's Desire

The 1 in 16 represents (Self), the 6 represents (love & marriage), 7 being spiritually connected.

We have all come to this earthly plane to experience, learn, and grow. Losing what we love teaches. Past lives play a significant part in what we are doing in this lifetime. Numerology can explain some of these agreements that were put in place before birth. If some of you are reading this and are in question as to the motivation of something that has taken place in your life, we will probably find it in your chart. A lesson that you have come to experience; once you know that, you can let it go and move forward. Your higher self is grateful for the experience. Growing pains hurt. Understanding them eases the pain and will help you to release it so you can use the experience to better yourself. For some crazy reason we are not clever enough to learn through happiness alone. So stop beating yourself up; learn your energy. I promise it will help you to understand in a different light.

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