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When Should I Get a Numerology Reading?

This is a very common question. The answer is: If you are asking the question, it’s probably time to get a reading. I think your soul nudges you when you need a little help.

If issues arise in your life and you’re wondering whether you should jump in or run the other way, a numerology reading can help. A reading lets you understand the energy that is bringing in those events and opportunities. At the same time, you can learn about the energy challenges you may face. These challenges are often the catalyst to the chaos in your life. If you work directly on these challenges, they can become your greatest assets.

Remember what G.I. Joe taught us: "Knowing is half the battle." You can't work on challenges that you don't know about!

Here's an example of how my daughter was challenged by 1 energy.

My daughter had been working part-time, allowing her to spend time at home with her children. She was offered an assistant managing job with the opportunity to work into a managers position within the next year. When this happened, her life felt unbalanced. This potential change brought discomfort but also opportunity, and she wasn't sure what to do.

She came to me as a Numerologist interested in what her chart was saying. Her chart told me that she was entering a 1 Personal year in 2019 bringing in new opportunities. During this year she needs to stand in her power, step out-side-of the box, and listen to her own gut feelings.

During this year, other people cannot help her decide. That is something the #1 needs to do on their own. Nikky had a 1 challenge which was giving her self-doubt, making her feel uneasy about taking a risk, fearful of new opportunity.

As we talked, I explained that to hurdle this challenge she must stand in her power, pull her shoulders back, and know she can do this.

It’s so important to know our challenges.Opportunities come into our lives constantly. Some we notice and others we don’t pay any attention too. By knowing the energy, we know what to look for. It’s your personalized GPS! For more examples of how this works, you can read testimonials from people who thank me (and numerology) for validating their energy and helping to explain the unexplainable.

So what happened to Nikky?

I was ecstatic when she chose to take the position. She has done a good job raising her children,but now it’s time for her to start her new 9-year epicycle, feeling good about her new opportunity.

If you want to try out a numerology reading for yourself, consider dipping your toe in with a 15-minute reading. That's just enough time to answer a couple of specific questions about how energy is at work in your life.


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