Tom Brady and Numerology

Adrianna and I discussed Tom Brady's Core Numbers (the energy that makes him who he is on Numbers Speak Podcast. Here is the Transcribe if you would rather read than listen. In our next Podcast we will be discussing Tom Brady's timeline and what do the numbers say about retirement??

Sue: Well. Hello, everybody. Welcome to Numbers Speak. I'm Numerologist Sue Coffin and I'm here with Adriana, who is a student of mine. We're having so much fun learning the numbers together because as we work together, she's also very much teaching me. When I was mentoring with my teacher, I was taught to do and follow other peoples charts. That's where you learn how the numbers all mingle together and become a story. So Adriana and I decided we would pick some people that we were curious about. This week we chose Tom Brady.

Adrianna: The great Tom Brady.

Sue: I know I don't even like football, but I watch Tom Brady and you know, he is very good looking. Yes, that's true. But he's so powerful and he's so in control, and it's just amazing to to watch his dynamics on the field. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We're going to start out in this podcast talking about the core energy, the energy that makes him who he is. And then in our next podcast, we will be doing his timeline, which is very interesting because we want to try to figure out a little bit about this retirement and the not retirement thing that's going on. The first number or position that we look at is the life path. We calculate this by adding the month, day and year of birth together. Tom Brady's life path is the 17/8. Now the eight energy is the natural leader, right? Eight is all about the material world power, finances, success. They're always trying to climb the ladder. They don't flip the hamburgers. They own the shop. Do you have eight energy?

Adrianna: Of course. I was born on the eighth.

Sue: Yeah. So you understand the eight energy? Yes. They're very driven to succeed. You know, I always compare one and eight together. The energy is so strong. When I read for people with one or eight energy. I always go into it thinking, I'm not going to convince these people about numerology. I'm just going to give them the information and they're going to walk away and figure out if they believe it or not, and with a little validation they usually come back for more.

Adrianna: I read a book on herbs and numerology. But then it also had something to do with astrological correspondences. Different books have different astrological correspondences, but this one makes the most sense where one and eight are both represented by the sun. To me that makes sense. Some people say that 8 is represented by Mars, which that also kind of makes sense. But for one and eight to both be the sun makes a lot of sense because they do both have similar energy and they're kind of like a life force kind of energies, really aggressive and illuminating. Their energies brings forth newness with them. I don't know. That's just what I choose to follow.

Sue: That's a good way of putting it because they do bring life to all of us with their inventions, with their stamina, with their go, getting fighting energy. Now, the eight energy is a survivor. It does hit obstacles. The universe does challenge it, but its challenges come from not wanting to forget the people that have helped it climb the ladder. Once you start getting greedy and not paying attention to those people that have done so much for you. The universe will step in and slap you down.

Adrianna: And with Tom Brady having the 17/8 as his life path, I would think that that's an important lesson to him. Just because, 17 is really intuitive. It's a reflective kind of number just because of the seven in it. But yeah, it would be important for him to always remember who's helped him along the way.

Sue: He's so kind or I see kindness. He does kind things during the game and he helps out the kids. So seven specializes in things. This helps him to read the play books. This helps him to study the plays that they are going out on the field doing and he can retain the information. But it also is very intuitive. So he has that intuition that's working along with that knowledge. I mean, it's perfect. It's just the perfect life path for Tom. So his birth day, the day of birth is the three. This is his natural talents and abilities that he he has to help him on his life path. And the three is the playful one. Right. And we know that. I mean, I've heard of stories of him out having a good time, him and Gronk and the commercials that they do. I mean, they're so playful. They're so fun. I bet he's a super, super dad because of that inner child and wanting to get down and play and be creative. 3's are good with their words by rights, although I don't see that with him, but I don't know him on the inside.

Adrianna: So I think like when he moves to Tampa Bay, people really enjoyed him a lot more because Tom Brady's like one of the most hated and also most loved sports players. But I think people enjoyed him much more when he moved to Tampa Bay just because he was able to shed that kind of seriousness that came with the Patriots. So especially in his first season like 2021, I think, or 2020 with the Bucs, I think people really got to see more of his playful, youthful, energetic side come out. He was more expressive on the field. Like he finally was like, Oh, I can just play the game. I can be me, you know?

Sue: That's wonderful. Because we all know if you don't balance that three energy and it goes to the other side. It can have depression, can have some problems of wanting to recluse itself. Now, the three also is like the fountain of youth. It has that natural young look to it. Yeah, threes always have the beautiful smile. They always have that witty conversation, that little glint in their eyes. They look like they're up to something all the time, which they are usually. So I think an eight and a three together helps him because eight is so serious and so stern and wanting to get everything done. That three helps him loosen up and to enjoy life a little bit. So then we move on to the name, the letters in his name, and when we add them all together, we get the expression number. When we look at just the vowels in his name, it's the heart's desire and the consonant is the personality. Now the expression number is exactly what it says it is. It's how he expresses himself on the life path. And this is the 34/7. Wow. Huh? Pretty good. Eight and seven, eight and seven together. Seven suggest that the mind is his greatest asset. He's like a computer. I mean, yeah, the sevens just store things and they can pull it up really quick. But again, very intuitive, sevens can have above average intelligence.

Adrianna: I think he has above average at least football intelligence.

Sue: He has really worked hard and that's what that eight has brought to him, that determination to be the best. He's not going to flip the hamburgers. He's going to be the best. The seven, they see patterns. It's wonderful, isn't it? Yeah. And that's what he does. He's watching patterns on the field.

Adrianna: And with him being a 34/7. To me, that number is a number that can see through the material. They can see the true essence of a thing kind of break down systems. And that's what he did break down. I won't say Belichick system. I think he worked within that system, but when it came to teams he was going against. He kind of broke down their systems in order to beat them. And then even when he went to the Bucs, he said something like, because COVID kind of made everything more closed in, he was able to break down Tampa Bay system and kind of work with their playbooks, like that's where he could fully understand it.

Sue: It's perfect. Sevens are self taught by rights. They will study what they love, until they have like a PhD in it.

Adrianna: Yeah. And he definitely studied Joe Montana. That was his Idol and that's so correct.

Sue: YES, Since he was a little boy.

Adrianna: Ever since he was like three.

Sue: Yeah.

Adrianna: He's like, I love this man. I need to know.

Sue: Now sevens can be very introverted. So there's two sides to Tom Brady. Yeah the 8 puts you out in front of everybody. But I think when he's home, he wants to be home alone with his family, that's 7.. He wants to be in that quiet space. There certainly needs to be balance. Heart's desire. Is 22/4! My goodness. This is just crazy. Isn't this wonderful? I mean, you can see why this this man is where he is. I mean, he came here with this energy to make him the best of the best.

Adrianna: 22/4 puts him very firmly in his place.

Sue: Very firmly. So the 22/4 is a master number. This is one of the most powerful master numbers because it's made up of 11/2. We need two 11's to make the 22 and the 11's are the ones that inspire us, that have all the ideas very highly connected to the higher self. But when you drop that down or I should say pick it up, I guess to a 22/4, the four allows it to solidify and to make a solid, solid structure. So all those ideas, all these things that he's doing, he can firmly make a system for the group/team.

Adrianna: Mm hmm. And think about that with his life path of eight. Like the material world. And then his total expression with the seven. Where he has all of these ideas. And it's so great that he has that 22 four Heart's Desire, where it's just all of those ideas and everything he's able to bring manifest in the material world.

Sue: The 22/4 is his heart's desire. His passion. So when it's in the heart's desire, I mean, you're fighting for that, too, because you don't want to lose that what makes you happy. He's just so fabulous. LOL Now, with this number, there is great potential for fame and wealth when 22/4 is around. If you can balance it, because not all 22/4 are our stable people. And that's because of those two twos.

Adrianna: Yes. Kind of always wavering on the fence.

Sue: Correct! You know, my story about the twos. Sometimes twos can become liars. And what happens is that as little people, their grown-ups aren't so good with their words. And they hurt the two. The two is so sensitive. They start very young, learning how to tell little white lies so that they don't have pain in their belly.

Adrianna: They won't be disappointed in me.

Sue: Correct. And that feeling, that ugly feeling that you might disappoint somebody. So as they get older, that gets worse and they start lying and their lies get bigger and they figured, oh, and then they start using it to their advantage. So you had to be very careful with the 22/4. A lot of people who are incarcerated have 22/4, you have to master the master number, right? You have two 2's trying to keep peace and harmony in this world with heightened sensitivity. That's a very hard thing to do.

Adrianna: Two, is a people pleaser. Mm hmm. So the idea of disappointing someone or saying something that they don't want to hear or just being honest about something that you did, that can be scary when you're little. Yeah. Trying. And it's just you want to make people happy and you want to make people feel comfortable.

Sue: And the adults that should be helping them are pushing the other way. So they don't have any control either way. And that's very horrible. Sensitivity is so high. Plus the read energy, sometimes knowing more than others think they should know.

Adrianna: Do you have 2 energy? No

Sue: No, I don't either. My son has a 22/4 life path. And boy, I can see that working sometimes with him, trying to make everybody happy and trying to keep the boat from rocking. They can get sick. It works on their nervous systems. Tom Brady's personality (the consonants in his full name) is the energy he projects out to people before he lets them into his heart. Drum roll, please. 21/3. Of course it is!!! LOL He's so much fun. I mean, when you watch him, you just want to go play with him. You just want to go have a good time.

Adrianna: Yeah. Yeah. And it's so funny. Tom Brady being Tom Brady, I call him. I don't know if I can say this when he's not the happiest person on the field. I call him B-word. B-word, Brady. To censor myself. But just because that emotional side of him, really, you can see it.

Sue: You do? I guess I don't know that part.

Adrianna: I'm a fan of Tom Brady, first of all. But I'm also a Patriots fan. So when I watch Tom Brady, sometimes it's really exciting and sometimes it's really disappointing just because when he's having a good game, you feel that energy. It's just like he looks like he's having fun. He's having a great time out there. Yeah, but then when he's not having the best game or the team is just falling apart, he is just like pouty. He doesn't have to speak. You can feel it just watching his demeanor.

Sue: The three energy can be very immature. So pouty was a very good word to use for three because yes, they can be like that. The other thing about a three energy is they can get so angry so quick and people don't even know it's coming and then they get it off their chest and they're done. They're fine. Yes. They don't want to think about it anymore. They just had to release it like a pressure cooker.

Sue: You know, when he gets to a certain age, which will be around 44, 45 now. No, it's 45, 46, which is around now. He's starting to feel it. We add the life path and the expression number together to get the ultimate goal. And this is a very important number for all of us to know, because why are we doing what we're doing? What's going to happen when we retire? And he has that six energy.

Adrianna: This is making so much sense. When we get to the timeline.

Sue: There you go. Six is all about selfless service for other people. This is the teacher I suspect he's going to teach. I don't know that. But it could be in the line of health. Giselle and Tom have a food line or something like that?

Adrianna: Yes, I think they do.

Sue: Okay. So six is about health, it's about home. It's about taking care of your people, your tribe. So I suspect that will be what he does, now I don't want to jump into the timeline too quickly, but it's easy to do when you're reading. He has the five pinnacle. He will be traveling, he will be moving around. So that's why I think that he will be out and about talking to people, maybe even children, because the three energy and the six is about animals and kids. That's their kindred spirit. So I would not be surprised that he does that. Do you have anything to say about that?

Adrianna: About the 15/6? I want to hold off like I want to jump in mine, so I'll just hold off on it. Okay.

Sue: Let's just kind of review. The eight energy is what gives him all that strength. It's a 17/8. So the eight carries the 7 which is about the need to study, to research, the need to know a subject 100%. The six is the perfectionist. He drives himself crazy because he wants everything to be so perfect, I would assume. I don't know him. The eight is about money and power. It wants to go to the top. The biggest thing is for him to make sure he takes care of the people that are helping him succeed. His birthday, the three is about having a good time. It's a wonderful complements to the eight because it's allowing the seriousness of the eight to get out and enjoy life a little bit. I suspect if we knew him we would see this waver back and forth. He's friendly. I think it's very charismatic too. I think people are drawn to him because three will do that. I also think there's a piece of him that is creative. Now, whether that creativity comes through words, I don't know if he's really good at expressing himself, but that's what three wants. Maybe it's about being creative in the way he sets up different plays.

Adrianna: And the three and the eight, they go really well together. Three brings in luck. Yeah, good fortune. But it also brings in like growth and expansion. They complement each other on the positive side of things, where three likes to make money, eight likes to spend money. You're right. They go together really well.

Sue: Three can also spend money, too.

Sue: I suspect Giselle has the checkbook. She should. She needs to have the checkbook. Okay, He expresses himself with a 34/7, interesting numbers. Three very creative. Four is a practical one. Seven is the one who's going to refine it, I should say and make it perfect. 22/4 Hearts Desire, grounded. When he sets a goal, he will succeed. He's so driven to get to his practical goal, and lay the foundation for success. The personality is that three, I'm going to go have fun, I'm going to play. And then the ultimate goal is to six energy. It's about home, it's about family. This is really tugging at his heart strings right now. And I think my heart kind of goes out to him because he has such a love of what he does, but he also loves so much his family and friends. So a lot going on within Mr. Tom Brady. Do you have any anything you'd like to. Oh, I know. Let's talk about the letters in his name.

Adrianna: Yes, so many ones in his name. I saw that and I was like.

Sue: Whoa, yeah! Because the average is three. Yeah and Tom has five. He's his own person. You don't boss Tom Brady around, but look at how many 2's he has, the average is one (2). He has four twos. He is all about keeping peace and harmony and will take charge with that because of the over abundance of 1's.

Adrianna: Yeah. And as as we get into his timeline, I think we'll see one and two play. They're in exchange a lot throughout his life where something will happen and then one year or and then something else precedes it in a two year where it's like it's just it follows, you know, in a very organized manner.

Sue: I notice that, too. The other thing that we see is the fours. (4) four's Holy Toledo!

Adrianna: Stable, pretty grounded.

Sue: Very grounded, because there's usually only one. I mean, he sometimes has a very hard time getting out of his own way, but he has the blinders on. He's that racehorse that's just looking straight ahead and going down the race track. The five energy, which is all about change and expansion. He only has two and usually we have three. So he's working on that part of it, trying to allow himself to change a little bit. And this could be what's going on right now, this fear of change.

Adrianna: I can see that.

Adrianna: How many nines do people use?

Sue: Three. Nine is the humanitarian. He's out doing good will and trying to help other people. Although sometimes when you have too many nines, you can be arrogant, right? What's the opposite of that selfless service to others? And that that could have been in his younger days, because we grow out of things. You know, a lot of times when I read for somebody in their twenties versus when I read for somebody in their fifties, it's different because we've already experienced a lot of the things that I talk about.

Adrianna: And I think Tom Brady is typically a humble person. At least in what I've come to know about him. He's typically a humble person, but there's times where Tom Brady really comes out like, do you know who I am? Tom Brady.

Sue: Our next podcast, which is going to be very exciting, is we're going to talk about the Tom Brady's timeline from zero to age 45 and then we'll jump a little bit into the future to see what's going on in the future for him. Yes, I look forward to doing that. I'm very excited. I really enjoyed doing this. When I first started reading some of his autobiography, I was very impressed with his home life growing up. He was very loved. It reads like he came from a very loving humble family. He had three older sisters that just beat the tar out of him. I guess they didn't give him any mercy. I always love to see that, because that's the foundation, right, when you have that foundation, you can work off. My dear Adriana, I will see you in the next podcast.

Adrianna: Yes, this has been fun and we're going to keep having fun.

Sue: Yes, we are. All right. Thank you. All right. Bye.

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