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The Balance and Unbalance Energy of Four, Five, Six

Sue: Good morning, everybody. I'm Intuitive Numerologist Sue Coffin and I'm here with my dear friend and mentee Adrianna.

Adrianna: Good morning, everyone.

Sue: In our last podcast, we discussed balance and unbalanced sides of the numbers one, two and three. And when we were ending that podcast, Adriana brought up the fact that she has seven energy, which makes her very introverted. Seven's like to be alone. They like to read and study. And then she took a personality test and that stated that she was an extrovert and people were confused by that because that's not who you are by right?

Adrianna: Well, it stated I was more introverted and people were confused because I come across as very extroverted.

Sue: Oh ok, seven is a very charming, very charismatic energy. And it loves people, and it loves to share its knowledge with people. But it can only do that when it feels right to them. People love them, but they're like Cinderella, right? Midnight strikes and they know they got to get home. They suck in so much energy around them, taking on other people's stuff. They have to leave, and they have to leave fast. I have a lot of seven energy, so I understand that. When I'm out, I have a blast. It does take a lot to get me out, my poor husband he’s so patient. I have a lot of anxiety, but once I'm there, I'm fine. I'm the happiest when I'm home by myself, reading numbers for others.

Adrianna: When I'm out before I come back, I feel myself being drained a little bit. And then I don't want to go back out for like weeks.

Sue: It takes work to learn how to remove other people’s energy out of your field and how to protect yourself when you're out socializing. But sevens are very charismatic. People love them. We hate idle chit chat. Yeah. We want to talk with people who have a lot of good knowledge. That's sometimes hard for we don't always find our people, so to speak.

Sue: Let's talk about balance and unbalanced. We're going to go with the number four positive qualities for the number four.

Adrianna: Very organized, hardworking, goal oriented. Supportive. A person with that energy could be like a very supportive kind of person, or they fall into supportive roles. The orchestrator almost. I feel like this is the wedding planner. Like every little detail is taken care of and plan meticulously.

Sue: It's the grown-up number...LOL They do the right thing at the right time. You know, they understand that slow and steady wins the race. They're very frugal, practical and love Mother Earth. Very cautious, not risk takers at all. Lovers of systems. They like to take chaos and make a system out of it. Yeah. So, when that becomes unbalanced and again, unbalanced is when there is too many of the same number in your core energy or your challenged by it There's other things that we look at as Numerologist.

Sue: Unbalanced "4" would be the workaholic.

Adrianna: Right, they’re very controlling as well.

Sue: Yes.

Adrianna: Or carries a controlling kind of energy with. Would that be over or under balance?

Sue: I would say over. But they control in a different way. It's not necessarily they're trying to control the people. It's their surroundings because they have blinders on. They don't want anything to change. Right? Spaghetti on Wednesday night, whether you want it or not, that's what we're going to have. Wednesday night, Spaghetti. So, I think their environment is what really holds them down more than anything. Fours love Mother Earth.

Adrianna: Yeah

Sue: It also represents the body. So, you always have to be careful when four is around with your health. Fours can be humorless. They don't like to laugh. They're very serious.

Adrianna: Emotionless.

Sue: Emotionless. That's a good word. That's very good. Yes. Perfect.

Adrianna: Just because you don't like change. The change that comes with emotions, just the change that exists within yourself. Could probably be almost too much to kind of deal with. I must maintain a sense of it's like it's not even that they don't feel it's just very restrictive.

Sue: Yes, it does, because it’s boxed in. Right. There are four corners to a structure. All their boundaries are around them; they just don't want anything to change. I have relatives that have a lot of four energy, and it's fun to watch because. Well, I told you, one of my stepsons he'll have us over for breakfast and he has these little pieces of paper, and we have to check off what we want in our omelets. Everything is very organized in his kitchen. It's wonderful, I love watching him. But I sometimes I feel like he doesn't have the ability to step outside of the box or to grab opportunities they are presented to him because he doesn't want the change. Is that wrong? No, it's not wrong for him. Not at all. That's why we should never judge people.

Adrianna: That's a very creative way to go about making breakfast for people, but it's also still very boxed in at the same time, even because I almost want to say they're not creative.

Sue: Okay it's like the one is the inventor, right? Two is the one who looks at the details, looks at both sides of the story, trying to figure out how this event is going to work. Bringing in the groups of people to help. Three is the one who designs the blueprint, the creative one, right? Four is the builder, the one who's going to put the structure in place?

Adrianna: Then they need those kinds of blinders on.

Sue: Yes they do! We need number 4’s around us. They take chaos and make understandable. Unbalanced they can be very narrow minded, opinionated. They can be rude. I think you're right. The control is very important for the four.

Adrianna: High sense of morality. I know what's best. Let me just handle it. And then you try to give your little $0.02. It's like, no sir, I said, What? I know what's going right.

Sue: When under-balanced they can be sluggish, lethargic, lazy.

Adrianna: Lack of integrity.

Sue: YES. Undecided. Uncommitted. Unaccountable These are all the things that we have to look at, where we're reading charts, we have to figure out if it's balance or out of balance. That's why when we sit with somebody, and we read for them it's very important that there's a back-and-forth conversation going on because Adrianna and I are picking up on what they're saying and what we're seeing in the numbers to help us read better for you.

Sue: Let's talk about Five.

Adrianna: Party Hardy.

Sue: Most Definitely

Adrianna: Five is freeing. It's like with all the restriction that comes with four, five kind of forgets it. It's a fun kind of energy. Like even when I think about five, I feel lighter on the inside. Five is also a great communicator, or it also carries great communicative energy with it.

Sue: It's smart, analytical.

Adrianna: Yeah.

Adrianna: It stands in the middle.

Sue: Yes, it does!! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Adrianna: Stands in the middle. It sees the past and it sees what happened before and sees what's coming.

Sue: It's a pivotal number this is where you can change and expand. Fives like to travel, they want freedom. They're very free spirited. Spontaneous adventures. Now, this is a type A personality that loves to take a risk. These are the people that are jumping out of planes and bungee jumping off cliffs and loving every minute of it. They don't like routines. It's just the opposite from the four. Don't put them in a cubicle and ask them to work 8 hours. They need to have a job that allows them freedom and movement. A selling job is perfect for the five energy. They can be very rebellious. Of course. Yes. They're going to have fun. They like to play. It's a very sensual number. So, with the freedom and the sensuality and the high heightened physical senses, there can be problems with drugs, alcohol, food, sex, things of that nature. Anything that feeds the physical senses could. They also say technology plays a part in the addictive behavior of the 5 energy.

Adrianna: I feel like I don't associate intuition with five, but.

Sue: I think it can, but I think it overanalyzes everything. One, five and seven are our analytical numbers. I think five is intuitive in a way that it helps itself. Five is a lot like one in a way. Think you're going to tell it much, nope it's going to do what it wants to do?

Adrianna: If I said I'm going to go jump out of this plane tomorrow, then that's what I'm doing tomorrow. Honestly, I might do it today. LOL

Sue: They always have their bags packed ready for that adventure. Just waiting for that person to say, Let's go. The negative qualities of that, it's what?

Adrianna: Well, they could be almost too spontaneous.

Sue: Impulsive.

Adrianna: There's no sense of boundaries. Unbalanced Five may lack boundaries where they're needed.

Sue: Very much so.

Adrianna: And like you mentioned, five could also usher in addiction or alcohol abuse. Drug abuse.

Sue: It’s a very eccentric number.

Adrianna: I don't know how to word what I'm thinking, but when you said eccentric, just thinking like how people operate. I feel like five could also usher in anxiety just in that you're so different, especially like in the way I think about how a person might dress. That's the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of eccentric or eccentricity. So especially like when you may look so much more different than society in general, just because you want to be free in how you dress, you want to be free, and how you style your hair like no one can tell you anything, right? I feel like that could also usher in some feelings of anxiety and like having to conquer that. Like feeling comfortable and confident enough to be free in your skin as you see fit versus how everyone else may see fit.

Sue: When you’re living with the energy of the 5 you think others are different, it's not you. But if that becomes unbalanced or there are other numbers surrounding it, say for instance a 3 which can bring in self-criticism, what happens then? They might mask their problems or uncomfortableness with alcohol, drugs.

Sue: It can be the wild child.

Adrianna: I definitely have five just based on my experiences.

Sue: But if unbalanced it can lack fear. I mean, fearful of everything, right?

Adrianna: It's afraid to try the things that it really desires to try.

Sue: Yes

Adrianna: Hmm. I feel like that's hard. That's tricky. That's tricky. Like I'm either to fearless or I am too fearful.

Sue: Have you ever seen those people that jump off mountains and they have those bird outfits on? They love it, jump off the side of a cliff. That's how they roll. That's where they are the happiest. That adrenaline going through their body all the time.

Sue: underbalance means - inactive, stagnant, passionless, unresponsive. Yeah. Five is an interesting number.

Sue: How about the Number six?

Adrianna: Wonderful six, both our Lifepath.

Sue: Yes. You and me both. We are family orientated. We love to help people and take care of people. Responsible, compassionate. Three, six and nine are artistic in many ways and forms. 6 is an emotional number.

Sue: Emotional, big imagination, self-sacrificing, teachers. Music is important to us. People have a tendency to seek us out, sometimes not even knowing us. Tell us things that we can't comprehend why they feel the need to pull us into that conversation. Happens at the grocery store a lot. But it's just our energy. It's just we're caring, and we look comforting and we listen.

Adrianna: It's that comforting energy, I mean, that maternal energy almost. That happens to me all the time, too. I'll have people just tell me things and it's like, oh, I don't, I can't relate to what you're going through right now or what it is that you're telling me. I shouldn't be speaking on this. But then most of the time when I talk to people, I've noticed that I'm able to talk to people. Also, I noticed six peeking through when it's, like I shouldn't be able to relate to you. I shouldn't be able to give you comfort on this. Not that it's illegal for me to do so, but I literally I don't know what you're talking about. For some reason, I put people at ease. I bring a sense of calm to people or like I'm able to help people understand things that they can't really understand, or they haven't processed fully themselves. The only way I can understand that is that it's coming through that counselor, that comforter.

Sue: That teacher and counselor. A lot of times you're teaching. You think that you're connected and you're getting information from a higher level? That that's kind of helping that 6 does. Very intuitive. You know that saying Mother has eye's on the back of her head.....well???

Adrianna: Because it is almost like I'm not. Well, yeah, it's not almost it's exactly I'm not speaking from direct experience. I'm speaking more from the heart. But it's like, where did my heart get this from?

Sue: Let’s see, a balanced six is very kind. They're also trustworthy, very honest people. They won’t tolerate a lie, even a white lie. Its domestic energy; home/family is very important. You think about it. If you have a six and five, I don't know why this just jumped in my head, home (6) and foo (5), right? Six and five would have probably have trouble with too much food. They could be very good cooks. They could even be top quality chefs!!! LOL I’m on to something.

Adrianna: Yeah. LOL

Adrianna: That's funny. Just because I've literally been working with the inclusion chart, so I've been looking at the balance within my name and I have a crap ton of five. I think I have six fives in my name.

Sue: The average is three Letters in your name. What are those Letters?

Adrianna: E (5), N (14/5), W (23/5)

Sue: Right.

Adrianna: I've been looking at just my chart, and it's funny that you said six and five together may have trouble with food. When I get emotionally upset, I won't eat. And I also don't have a desire to stand around and cook even when I'm not upset.

Sue: Lets see about overbalance Six. Over balance. Complaining all the time, unsatisfied.

Adrianna: Yeah, that's what I was going to say. Unsatisfied.

Sue: Envious because it's an emotional number, right? It’s going to pull out some of that melancholy, overwhelmed, oversensitive feelings. Underbalance is disloyal, greedy, intolerant, petty, loveless, irresponsible. That's a big one, right? Because six is all about responsibility. If you have an over/under abundance of sixes, then. Sometimes you don't take on the responsibility that you're being asked to because it is a selfless service number.

Adrianna: Is the reason that you may not take on responsibility. Is it that. Is it just simply because of the overabundance of the energy? Or is it like you've been presented so often with having to take on responsibility that you've just reached a place where it's like you’re not going to do it anymore?

Sue: I don't think so because, I can't see myself and I'm just speaking for myself, you know, I'm just one of how many billions sixes around, LOL. I can never not see myself helping other people. I do have to tone that down because sometimes I take on responsibilities I shouldn't. Sometimes (6) needs to walk away and let others do for themselves. But I watch that when I'm reading in charts. I do watch and I'll ask questions to see which way that's going if they're very happy with helping everybody or if they could care less about helping anybody. Balance is everything. Remember the energy never goes away – we learn it and learn how to balance it through life experiences. Readings just give you a boost in understanding it.

Adrianna: Even like our conversations, oh my gosh, people are asking me to do this and I would much rather sit in my room and read a book. I'd rather go wander than help you destroy your kitchen or whatever. So, I'm on that side of the energy where I'm more like, it requires a crap ton out of me to like, okay, I'm ready to help now.

Sue: It's important that you do. I can't remember where your six is. What is the life path? The stage that we're working on. Right? You’re being presented with responsibilities and how are you going to work them? Are you going to work them in a balanced way or are you going to work them in an unbalanced way. And throughout your life, you're still very young. You're going to be learning how to give help selflessly without taking away from yourself. That's the lesson for the number six. You must let people open the door for you, rather than knock you down and walk over you.

Adrianna: You know, I lack six in my name, you know, six no letters.

Sue: F (6) O (15/6) X (24/6)

Sue: Where the number is sitting on your life path, you're here really working on it, because when you lack letters in your name, then this is something that you've come to put a little more energy into, a little more work into. Yeah. Interesting.

Sue: Our 20 minutes is up. We get going and this could last for another 3 hours. It’s so fun. You've already been through so much with the number six Lifepath the 15/6, right. Very important for people to know it's not a 23/5 I mean 24/6 or 42/6, it's 15/6. There's a five sitting in the middle of that one and that six and that five is about freedom. I have the same number. The same number? Yeah. I’ve been trying to figure out how to deal with relationships in this lifetime. That's what we both came to do with a 15/6 Lifepath. And I don't think I have any letters in my name either that represents the 6, F, O, X. That just triggers a Numerologist to understand on a deeper level the extend of relationship work in this lifetime. I'm quite a bit older than Adrianna, And yes, I have done a lot of work on relationships. Oh, my gosh!!!! But that another podcast entirely. LOL

Sue: In the next podcast or video, we're going to be doing seven, eight and nine. If you're looking for a reading, I would love to read for you. (check out my new website, I'm loving it) That'll get you right into my calendar so you can schedule a time that's convenient for you. And Adriana's podcast is.

Adrianna: A podcast is NNTH. You can come listen to a baby numerologist, break down the energy, and just really try to work with what I'm working with.

Sue: I love it. We’ll see you next time. Thank you.

Adrianna: See you.


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