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The Balance and Unbalance Energy of Four, Five, Six

Sue: Good morning, everybody. I'm Intuitive Numerologist Sue Coffin and I'm here with my dear friend and mentee Adrianna.

Adrianna: Good morning, everyone.

Sue: In our last podcast, we discussed balance and unbalanced sides of the numbers one, two and three. And when we were ending that podcast, Adriana brought up the fact that she has seven energy, which makes her very introverted. Seven's like to be alone. They like to read and study. And then she took a personality test and that stated that she was an extrovert and people were confused by that because that's not who you are by right?

Adrianna: Well, it stated I was more introverted and people were confused because I come across as very extroverted.

Sue: Oh ok, seven is a very charming, very charismatic energy. And it loves people, and it loves to share its knowledge with people. But it can only do that when it feels right to them. People love them, but they're like Cinderella, right? Midnight strikes and they know they got to get home. They suck in so much energy around them, taking on other people's stuff. They have to leave, and they have to leave fast. I have a lot of seven energy, so I understand that. When I'm out, I have a blast. It does take a lot to get me out, my poor husband he’s so patient. I have a lot of anxiety, but once I'm there, I'm fine. I'm the happiest when I'm home by myself, reading numbers for others.

Adrianna: When I'm out before I come back, I feel myself being drained a little bit. And then I don't want to go back out for like weeks.

Sue: It takes work to learn how to remove other people’s energy out of your field and how to protect yourself when you're out socializing. But sevens are very charismatic. People love them. We hate idle chit chat. Yeah. We want to talk with people who have a lot of good knowledge. That's sometimes hard for we don't always find our people, so to speak.

Sue: Let's talk about balance and unbalanced. We're going to go with the number four positive qualities for the number four.

Adrianna: Very organized, hardworking, goal oriented. Supportive. A person with that energy could be like a very supportive kind of person, or they fall into supportive roles. The orchestrator almost. I feel like this is the wedding planner. Like every little detail is taken care of and plan meticulously.

Sue: It's the grown-up number...LOL They do the right thing at the right time. You know, they understand that slow and steady wins the race. They're very frugal, practical and love Mother Earth. Very cautious, not risk takers at all. Lovers of systems. They like to take chaos and make a system out of it. Yeah. So, when that becomes unbalanced and again, unbalanced is when there is too many of the same number in your core energy or your challenged by it There's other things that we look at as Numerologist.