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Numerology and Starting Your Business

Stacey: Hi, Sue. We’ve had several readers ask questions about how numerology can help them navigate their career or personal business. So, this week’s question comes from a reader who would like to know how numerology can help her create a new business.

Sue: The first thing to remember is that everything vibrates and produces energy. Therefore, the business name must have energy that reflects its goals and mission as well as being compatible with the core energy of the business owner.

I would encourage anyone who is thinking of starting their own business to schedule a reading with a numerologist, such as myself. During these types of readings we discuss your dreams, goals and expectations for your business. We can create a business name that’s energy matches. Also, deciding the right date and time to launch a business is very important. Looking at the field of opportunity that comes through the different pinnacles, personal year, personal month and personal day energy is extremely important to be mindful of and to align with.

Numerology and Starting Your Business

Stacey: Very interesting. Can you share with us how numerology guided you to name your business “Healing Numbers?”

Sue: Absolutely. I knew the word “numbers” vibrated with 11/2 energy which is a very spiritual number and brings groups of people together. One night as I fell asleep, I heard the word “healing” in my mind. When I calculated its energy, it also had 11/2 energy. Added together the total business energy was 22/4 which reveals international potential. I found that very exciting and validating for the goals I had for my business.

When I decided to launch my business I was in a 9 personal year. The 9 personal year energy focuses on endings and completions, so it wasn’t an ideal time to launch my business. However, talking with my peer numerologists, we determined that launching it at the end of my Personal 9 year in my 1 personal month would offer a positive opportunity to begin my business. I knew I wanted to launch my business with a lot of 1 energy surrounding it to honor the energy of new beginnings, independence and the entrepreneurial spirit. In 2015, when I launched my business, October (which has 10/1 energy) happened to be my 1 personal month within that year. I decided to launch my business on 10/10 at 10 am.

For those interested in starting their own business, just like people, the business name gives us the expression, heart’s desire and personality energies to consider when naming it. Here are some general themes of the personal core energies that complement different types of businesses:

1- New beginnings, entrepreneurial, go-getter being very business-minded 2- Counselors, therapists, energy healing, dance and music 3- Web design, public relations, travel and tourism, writer 4- Office-based business, accounting and bookkeeping, floral shop 5- Journalism, public speaking, television, radio, or travel. These are the risk-takers 6- Healers, musicians, interior design, agriculture, home-based businesses, bed and breakfasts, teacher 7- Researchers, technology based business, individuals who thrive working alone, writing software 8- Real estate, bankers, stock market, engineer 9- Writers, artists, coaches/teachers, grant writer, non-project organization

Stacey: Wow, that’s great information. Can you illustrate some examples of business names that do and don’t align with their vibrational energy?

Sue: Sure. Babies R Us is a great example of a business where the name energy matches the business vision. Its Expression number is a 15/6 which reflects energy of the nurturer, family, friends, and taking care of others. Its Heart’s Desire is a 9 which demonstrates selfless deeds and service. Its Personality number (the energy that it projects to the public) is also 15/6, once again complimenting the essence of the company mission.

On the other hand, when Oprah decided to name her new network OWN, I wish she would have consulted a numerologist. The expression number of OWN is 16/7 which is a karmic debt numb