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Personality Number

We’ve been walking through a hypothetical reading with “Adam” in past blog posts. As I shared, this energy belongs to John Adam Belushi, who I believe is one of the greatest talents. Today we'll look at his Personality Number.

Personality Number

The personality number is the energy that you project out to others when you first meet them. It helps shield you until you are comfortable enough to let them into your whole self. This is why it’s very important not to judge somebody when you first meet them. This number also can explain how we dress, which is certainly part of our personality.

John has a 18/9. 

When first meeting John you would feel his compassion for life.  It is a warm, kind, caring energy that doesn’t like to make snap decisions. He would be very generous, but at times, gullible. A deep thinker with intuitive abilities. The 9 likes to dress for comfort, often wearing black, which can bring the mood of the 9 energy down, it is suggested to all 9’s to wear brighter colors that will allow happier moods.  


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