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October Calendar Descriptions

Hello Everybody, OMGosh!! Did September turn you upside down and inside out? The intensity of the energy came from the month energy matching your Personal Year energy, causing unbalanced of that number. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean it was bad, it just means everything was magnified.  There certainly was an increase in readings with trying to help people understand the nature of the beast.  Again, you will hear me repeat this over and over, having the knowledge of what the energy wants from you and leaning into it gives us the ability to understand and manage what's going on with greater ease.  

NEWS ALERT:  2020 Calendars will be on sale October 23rd. These contain November and December 2019. Healing Numbers 2020 Calendars    I will be at the Blue Heron on November 9th and 23rd from 10-2, selling calendars and answering questions. Jennifer Hooper, Life Coach will be joining me on the 23rd. Stop by to meet us and bring your questions!  

Digital Calendars - Have your personal day information right at your finger tips with your own Google Calendar download. Each day's number is listed along with information about the specific energy. Subscribe today Digital Calendar

I’m also pleased to announce I have started a Podcast “Numbers Speak” which you can find on Spotify, PocketCast, Google Podcast, RadioPublic or Anchor Podcast. Stacey Coventry is my partner in crime. LOL She joins me to discuss numbers, how they work in our lives. We plan to bring in Special Guest with different modalities and do mini readings. So, if you know someone who would like a 15 min reading (which we do on zoom) for free have them email me or text me 207-907-5446. Check it out!! Can it get any busier!! I'm headed into a 5 Personal Year where everything will start moving faster, changes will happen. Some expected and some unexpected. The energy will ask for me to be flexible, allow variety and keep my foot off the brake. Healing Numbers is already starting to gain momentum and it’s all because of all of you putting trust in the numbers. I Thank You for that. I feel very blessed and grateful. Everybody I meet and read for become very much a part of my family. I have allot of "6" energy. The cosmic mother. These are the descriptions are found on your October Numerology Calendar. We are starting to feel a shift in energy reflecting next year. This will get stronger and stronger. A 30 minute Personal Year Reading will help you to better understand what the energy wants. It also breaks down the entire year month by month, small undercurrents that should to be recognized and understood so you can get the most out of 2020. 

If you don't know your Personal Year energy or interested in understanding your spouse, friend, co-worker,  here is the Calculator.

October 2019

11/2 Personal Month in a 1 Personal Year This month’s energy is a sneak preview of next year’s energy. A little tug-of-war rages inside you this month. All that ambition and drive that was with you last month has disappeared. Two is the energy that requires patience, tolerance, and cooperation. What was started last month needs time to incubate and grow. This is a good month to reach out to friends you haven’t heard from in a while, to reconnect with them. This energy supports romance and maybe a new love. It’s possible you’ll need to share your time and listen to help someone who might be having problems. They’ll be well cared for, because your intuition will allow you to counsel them compassionately and provide great advice. Acting with kindness and tact will certainly be in your best interest this month. Trying to push forward will only cause frustration.

Find out more about what’s coming up for you in your 2 Personal Year! Schedule your reading at 3 Personal Month in a 2 Personal Year This month’s energy is a sneak preview of next year’s energy. Enjoy this month: it’s all about you and the ideas you’ve been carrying around with you that are focused on the future rather than the past. Find friends, go on vacation, and pamper yourself. It’s the month for self-improvement. Learn how to express yourself creatively by perhaps participating in a class, or collaborating in an art show, diving into home decorating … anything that sparks your creativity and feels like fun. This adventure might also bring someone significant into your life. Strive to be with people who are positive thinkers and enjoy the simple things in life. This is a lucky month but watch your spending habits!

Find out more about what’s coming up for you in your 3 Personal Year! Schedule your reading at 4 Personal Month in a 3 Personal Year This month’s energy is a sneak preview of next year’s energy. This month is about opportunities. Work is the focal point. Last month’s creativity and inspiration can be fleshed out and made into something that’s tangible. Expect overtime and some moments of frustration as everybody will be asking for attention. Slow and steady wins the race, and with that being said, it can cause feelings of being limited. Just know that it’s encouraging you to build a solid foundation and it’s important that you buckle down and do the work. Finances need to be evaluated. Spending comes easy in the 3 Personal year, so re-evaluating where you stand financially is important. This is a good month to sign any contracts or agreements, for instance, with real estate – whether it’s selling, buying, or renting. Throughout this year, feelings of uncertainty have come to the forefront. This is the month to really get a sense of what direction you want to move into next year, to build that foundation of security in your life. Watch your health: stress comes with the workload, which can produce over-tiredness.

Find out more about what’s coming up for you in your 4 Personal Year! Schedule your reading at 5 Personal Month in a 4 Personal Year This month’s energy is a sneak preview of next year’s energy.  Finally, a breath of fresh air! It ushers in change, meeting new people and finding new interests. Be careful not to have your candle burning at both ends, as this energy will feel very dynamic in comparison to last month! There’s still a lot of work left to do, but “switching it up” feels good. An unexpected surprise is possible, especially at work, so be flexible. If you’re thinking about moving, this would be a great month to do that. Travel for work could be a possibility. Overindulgence can be a bit of a problem, because discipline seems to have escaped you for the time being, just be aware! Find out more about what’s coming up for you in your 5 Personal Year! Schedule your reading at 6 Personal Month in a 5 Personal Year This month’s energy is a sneak preview of next year’s energy.  Duties and responsibilities are present this month. These could be those of home, work or wherever else your responsibilities lie. This is the direct result of activities and changes of last month. You can expect recognition: perhaps a raise or promotion, but this all comes with added responsibility. You’ll find yourself surrounded by loved ones, giving and receiving comfort and advice. Don’t impose yourself upon others, but assist them when asked. You feel emotional about a situation. You know the answers and are willing to take responsibility to fix it. Trust your intuition. If you’re single, keep your eyes open. If you’re in a loving relationship, expect it to grow even stronger. Find out more about what’s coming up for you in your 6 Personal Year! Schedule your reading at 7 Personal Month in a 6 Personal Year This month’s energy is a sneak preview of next year’s energy.  After all the work this years required of you and all the responsibilities it’s piled onto you, this is the month to spend time alone, rest up and restore your energy. Enjoy this month by picking up a book, taking a class, or going on a retreat. Is there something deep down that’s bothering you? It’s important to keep to yourself and wait for all the facts to reveal themselves. Things work out as time goes on. Sitting and dreaming allows you to tap into your intuitive side; respect that and keep a journal. The messages can serve to be very helpful down the road. Your energy feels more depleted than usual, so be certain to relax and rest. Next month is all about work, so enjoy the quiet while it’s here! Find out more about what’s coming up for you in your 7 Personal Year. Schedule your reading at www.healingnumbers22 8 Personal Month in a 7 Personal Year This month’s energy is a sneak preview of next year’s energy.  This month requires you to pay attention to the material aspects of your life and business affairs. Brace yourself for a busier month. Perhaps recognition or reward will come to you, regarding past work. You now feel driven to accomplish those tasks that didn’t get completed last month. Embrace that: this is the month that asks you to be fully present in making decisions and looking at your long-term goals. There could be something revealed unexpectedly. Get your finances in order and make sure you have money, in case an expected expenditure comes up. You’re going to find that some things in your life need to be adjusted, so you can rise to a new level. Next month will allow you to bring closure to issues that you need to release. Push through what you want to keep and go for it! This is a good month to take a calculated risk. Find out more about what’s coming up for you in your 8 Personal Year! Schedule your reading at 9 Personal Month in an 8 Personal Year This month’s energy is a sneak preview of next year’s energy. There’s an inner sense that your life is at a crossroads, and you’re not certain which road to take. This uncertainty leaves you feeling emotional and confused. This is the month to let go, in order to let change happen, which it certainly can do in Novembers 1 energy. You’ll be examining all areas of your life, and that may cause some drama. There’s a need for love, tolerance, and compassion, for yourself and others. You might find yourself needing to swallow your pride unless you are 100% certain about what you are trying to do or convey. If there’s someone in your life with whom you need to make amends, do it! Let go of what’s been hanging over your head. This energy fully supports you in releasing whatever you need to release, in order to move forward. Keep putting one foot in front of the other as areas of your life reveal themselves. Find out more about what’s coming up for you in your 9 Personal Year! Schedule your reading at

Please stay tuned as I have more NEW ALERTS coming you way. 

"I now see how owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do."  Brene Brown  Numerology can help you back on your path.  Sue


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