Numerology Timeline and Tom Brady

Adrianna and I do a Podcast called "Numbers Speak" This is the transcription from our latest Podcast.


Who doesn't love Tom Brady!

Sue: Hi everybody! Welcome to number speak. I'm numerologist Sue Coffin and today Adriana and I are talking about Tom Brady's timeline. In the last podcast, we talked about his core energy. That's the energy that makes him who he is. And numbers don't lie, do they, Adriana?

Adrianna: They speak all day.

Sue: LOL...They do speak all day. So now we're going to break years down into what we call the pinnacles and challenges. The pinnacles change up the life path just a little bit so that we can experience things differently. And then we go into the individual years which carry themes also switching energy up a little bit. When certain numbers match, we have what we call a soul changing years. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean bad it just means that it's a year that stands out in your mind, something where your soul had a burst of growth. It could be a graduation, a marriage, a birth. It could be the passing of a grandparents, favorite pet.

Sue: Hello, Adriana. Hello. This is exciting. Tom Brady had the 17/8 lifepath and the eight is all about leadership. It wants to climb to the top, like I say, he doesn't flip the hamburgers, he owns the hamburger shop. Yeah, it's about power. It's about money. It's a very strong energy. You think of any CEO person and how they must make all those really tough decisions. That takes strength and courage. The first pinnacle is working off the lifepath 17/8. It is an 11/2. It goes from to birth to age 28. The 28th year would be 2005. 11/2 is a high vibrational number, very hard to ground in. There are so many ideas that are coming forward.

Sue: Yes. I suspect when he was younger, he might have started things and didn't finish them. I think that might have been a problem. I don't know. But also he would have had ideas beyond his age. People would probably look at him and go, What? How could you say that? You’re too young to know that. You know, because the 11/2 is like a channel, right? You have the two ones and the energy flows right through the middle of those two ones. This is where the ideas come from. But it also brings in a lot of sensitivity, a lot of emotions. I suspect he might have been shy. 11/2 is the Master Messenger.

Adrianna: I don't know if he was shy, but I know he was really in his head, especially like once he really started to take football seriously, a lot of his anxieties and stress came from just not being in the position that he knew he could be in. He just wasn't there yet. He sat on the bench his first two seasons with Michigan. And you would never think Tom Brady is a bench rider, but he sat on the bench and during those seasons he had to talk to his coaches and try to really get encouragement and help people work. He needed people to help him work through his thought processing just because he knew he could be the starting quarterback, but he just wasn't. And he couldn't figure out why the pieces weren't lining up. So, he had a lot of anxiety and he went to different psychologists and stuff.

Sue: That's what 11/2 will do, it will work on your nervous system. This is interesting, as I'm sitting here listening and realizing his hearts desires is a 22/4. We need two 11's to make the 22/4. He was really working very hard with all these thoughts/idea's coming through. He had to learn how to ground/focus/discipline this in order to reach his heart's desire (22/4), which keeps him passionate/motivated. That's very cool. Now he challenged himself with the five. He doesn't have a lot of five energy, so he doesn't like change. Change comes hard for him. It's extremely calculated. I bet he doesn't make hardly any spontaneous decisions when it comes to change. He likes things to go straight ahead.

Adrianna: He'll make pretty explosive decisions though during games.

Sue: Oh, will he.

Adrianna: When he graduated high school he graduated in 1995 which is a great year just because that's when I was born. LOL

Sue: He graduated from high school 1995. Right. Okay.

Adrianna: So, he was in a five personal year when he graduated, but he was drafted in the MLB in that same year. And instead of choosing baseball, he chose football.

Sue: Yeah, I saw that. Now lets check out some soul changing years. I see the first soul changing year for Tom Brady was in 1978. At the age of one. I searched. I couldn't find anything. I don't know, what happened, it did revolve around the numbers nine. So, I don't know if there was an ending of a completion of some sort. The next year that I saw which I found very interesting was in 1993 at the age of 16. I see the number sixth and the two together I suspect this was Tom's first love. It also could signify something to do with relationship with family. This could be a passing of a grandparent, or something happened within their home, which holds a memory. My gut tells me this is his first love because he's 16.

Adrianna: And then at 23, he has another.

Sue: Another soul changing year 23 and 24. Oh, my gosh. There you go. Tell me. Yes, isn't it cool? Tell me, what do you see?

Adrianna: So, at 23 is when he got drafted by the Patriots. Yeah. So that was the soul changing year for him which was great. He was drafted 199th overall, which comes down to a one, it reduces to a one.1+9+9=19 1+9-10 And then at 24, oh my goodness, at 24, he wins his first Super Bowl with the Patriots. And that Super Bowl was Super Bowl 36. My goodness. That is just.

Sue: That was Super Bowl 36.

Adrianna: Xvii.

Sue: And that was in 2001.

Adrianna:. So he was drafted 199th overall, that reduces down to a one. And he was drafted in the year 2000, which is a two universal year. Yeah. So this kind of was what I was talking about where I was seeing the one and the two really like nicely sit together in a lot of his chart years.

Sue: Okay, so now he's going to change pinnacles at the age of 29, in 2006 and it goes through to 38 when he'll change into another pinnacle 2015. This is the nine pinnacle. And when I see a nine pinnacle, it usually signifies to me that there's a lot of past life work coming in. There are some things that he's going to need to clean up, he's going to need to take care regarding things from his past. Whether this life or literally past lives. It is the humanitarian number. He’s doing a lot of work within himself, selfless service to other people. When you have an 8 Lifepath, nine and eight are a little bit different now, aren't they? Yeah, very different because eight really is all about themselves trying to grow and nine is thinking about the world and the world problem. In this pinnacle it is trying to teach him how to use his life path in a more serving way.

Adrianna: He got married or had his first kid?

Sue: His first child. Yes, his first child was born. And then he has a soul changing year, 2009 at the age of 32.

Adrianna: That's when he gets married.

Sue: So much fun. Yes, yes. He's in that 22/4 transit/essence. Settling down. He's happy. It is where he exactly wants to be. You know, you think about it, there was a lot going on. He had his first child and made a big choice not to marry. He made a choice to be in that child's life and be a very good dad. So there's a lot of that nine energy. Unconditional Love, forgiveness, and letting go.

Adrianna: There's one at 32, right. Year 2009

Sue: And that's when he got married.

Adrianna: I will say that he was injured in 2008. That ended like a winning streak for him or not a winning streak, a starting streak for the most amount of started games. Oh, but then the 2009 season, he comes back and the streak starts again, which ended in 2016. But that's pretty much the most that notice. I cut you off, though. What were you going to say?

Sue: I have no idea. LOL

Adrianna: LOL

Sue: You have no idea. We can't have that much space in between a thought. LOL Okay. Then we slip into the next pinnacle, which he's in right now, and it goes from age 38 to when he turns 46. And this is the number two. I find this interesting. This is slowing him down. This wants him to be patient. This wants him to let the magic happen. Don't push anymore. Lean on other people. It doesn't want him to be the captain of the team, so to speak. It wants him to work as a group, as a whole, the teaching tool for Tom Brady.

Adrianna: I think that's really interesting. Just in that with the Patriots, it was kind of I mean, he had to be the one, he was the quarterback, and that's the leader of the team. But with the Patriots in particular, he was like the leader apart from Belichick. But Belichick has a whole system where you have to kind of get in the system, you got to kind of work in it. And if you work in it, you'll do well. But then he goes to the Bucs where they don't have the system. I mean, he's still the starting quarterback, but he has to really rely more so on his team than on a system like he has to trust that they can play their positions and do what it is that they do best versus having people just this is the role that you're going to fill today. So that's a very different kind of environment for him to be in, which I think he really likes.

Sue: When did he change? When did he move over?

Adrianna: He moved to the Bucs and 20, 2020.

Sue: To 2020 and 2020. That's a six. Oh, my gosh. That's an interesting thing. Around the fifth year of an "I" or an "R" usually means a break in association. Something is moving away. If you count that, you're going to go right there. Boom. Wow. Yeah. It doesn't always happen, but you want that awareness. It can be 4 years or 6 years but in that area is when something's going to move, it's going to break. But the other thing is to look at that "S" the letter "S" at the age of 43. Whenever I see an "S", it usually brings in something very unexpected. They didn't see it coming. It was as shocking to them, sometimes emotional. And then once the smoke clears, it's like, Oh my gosh, that was probably the best thing that could ever happen to me.

Adrianna: I love that you said once the smoke clears because the sound of "S", that's the sound of fire kind of moving. And it's kind of like something new is going to come from this, like something has to be broken down. So I love that you said once the smoke clears because once the fire is done burning, what, what's.

Sue: Something happen at the age of 42 though? See that in the physical plane, the A is the number one, he had to stand in his own power. That's when he was making the decisions probably to where do I go, I would assume?

Sue: I do another chart, which I haven't taught Adriana just yet, but someday I'm going to teach her. I found this a very old, old numerology book and this helps me break down the years even more. There are undercurrents that I can see, and those undercurrents proved to be very good at helping me help people. Now, April, May and June. The undercurrent for him in 2022 shows that he's not necessarily feeling like he's in his power.

Adrianna: Hmm.

Sue: I don't know what's going on. There's a lot of 15/6 around him on the physical plane. This occurs after his birthday. It's in the overall tone of the energy. And 15/6 would suggest it's vital to decide whether the experience of that period is limiting you or setting you free. I think he's still trying to make a decision. I don't know if he's necessarily made his decision. I'm afraid, that he listened to his intuition and then his ego has jumped back in. And I'm afraid he's going to get hurt. I'm afraid he might get hurt pre-season. I'm not even sure he's going to make it to the 2022/2023 season. Something might stop him because of that powerlessness that I'm seeing. It also says don't burn the candle on both ends in the attempt to satisfy your personal needs.

Adrianna: So chill out for a second.

Sue: Yeah. July, August and September. The undercurrent is nine. It's endings and completion. It's letting go now. Now, that could be him and Giselle. Giselle are not seeing eye to eye right now because the 15/6 really talks a lot about his family and the people around him. From January to August, I see where he's emotionally and mentally reflecting. He's trying to figure things out. He's not 100% sure what he wants. So he's looking at the past, the present future on the physical plane. It's the family. It's the tribe. It's the the people around him. It's the one that's saying it's vital to decide whether the experience of this period are limiting you or setting you free. The overtone of the energy is the 4. It's very practical. Yeah, it's redesigning. It's another thinking number about change, release, transformation. Am I being too rigid in my thought patterns? And then the factor of all this energy is the 27 nine that's letting go, that's endings and completions. 4 also reflects on the body, taking care of oneself.

Adrianna: Yeah. And then with his essences and transits. Yes. In a 18/9. Yeah. I kind of see just looking at his essences and transits just because like at 44, he's in a seven personal year.

Sue: He's in an eight personal year, 2022. Yeah.

Adrianna: So yeah.

Sue: That's exactly matching his life path. That's a very interesting. Right. 17/8 is also the personal year. And his essence is the 18/9 which could suggest massive evaluation, right? One and eight together. Look at that. It's making up that crazy nine that nine that wants to be a helper to serve the world.

Adrianna: Yeah, but it keeps coming up for me. I think I'll have to run it down one day. Just 18/9. I don't know. People are probably going to get tired of me saying it. 18/9 is really an evolutionary kind of force and that's really telling. And just that he chooses to retire, not to retire, but he's so old like and he's already changed the game so much. So how much more can he change it? How much? Newness. Is he going to bring to football in this new time that he's entering in now? I think that will be interesting to watch.

Sue: 18/9 is a massive re-evaluation. It's learning to trust spiritually and let go of the material side of life. Right. Because eight is all about self and climbing the ladder and getting to the top and and nine is about the world and helping. There's a lot going on with Mr. Brady. There's also one of the transits, which I know people don't understand our lingo right now, but that's okay. If they keep listening, they will start to learn very quickly. There's a letter T in the physical plane right now. The letter T would suggest that this is a time of high-strung emotions. Are you willing to sacrifice and to carry your burdens heroically, but you will have to guard yourself against self-pity. You will benefit from solitude and meditation. You're looking for new activities and are eager to learn. You have a strong desire for knowledge. This is a good and rewarding time for business and new partnerships. But you have to guard against territory, against those seeking to interfere in your work. There will be opportunities to travel and see the world. Now I got that out of Hans Decodes Book, Numerology Key to your inner self. It says new partnership. I think he's really wants to do something, teach or help people to understand, learn better. How maybe to take care of themselves.

Adrianna: I think he would make a great coach. And I think that's what people that's the direction people would want him to head in. I think he knows a bunch about football, but just the challenges that he's faced and just having to and just being and becoming Tom Brady. I mean, he sat bench his first two seasons in college, but he also sat bench his first season with the Patriots. Like, we didn't expect him to be the great Tom Brady that he is.

Sue: Right.

Adrianna: He's had to overcome a lot and he's had to overcome a lot of ego in like really being Tom Brady, you know. I think he would make a great coach just in the mindset of a football player. Like he could teach a lot of players, whether up and coming or already. On the field now. I think he could teach them a lot about just mastering your mind, and I think he has. Truthfully, I see Tom Brady as a person who has kind of spent a lot of time in his head. He understands his thought process, his thinking, and what he feels, and he kind of moves in that. I think he would be a great mentor.

Sue: Now the energy that I see in August after his birthday to December, is the 15/6. He's still evaluating. It's still there the five which is about freedom. Six is about home. You know, what do I do? How do I take care of things to make myself happy emotionally and spiritually? Is that nine? He wants to let go of something. He wants to end something. The overtone of the energy is the six. The factor of everything is the two. That's peace and harmony. He wants to keep a balance.

Adrianna: What if the battle is maybe him and Giselle may be having issues or they're kind of reevaluating their home life. What if his battle is with not really knowing how to let go of football just yet?

Sue: Yeah, and I wouldn't be surprised with that. I mean, you just think about it. Somebody who is as great as he is and who enjoyed the sport so much. And now they're saying it's time to just walk off the field. But, you know, it's like anything, right? You're better off to walk off the field when you're in that high then to keep going back into it as it gets less and less and less. Right.

Adrianna: I think the issue is with football. When he left the Patriots I thought he was going to retire then. And I was just my thinking as a Patriots fan, as a fan of Tom Brady is just, well, it's better that he leaves now. It's better that he leaves the league now. Like he's not on that high anymore. It was the end of his time with the Patriots. It was to me like the downturn of his football career because each season they were just getting a little bit more worse. But then, you know, whether it be his ego or divine timing, whatever he chooses to continue on, he just switches teams. He switches partnerships. He. Everybody sees him as this great quarterback again, this great player. I'm thinking his issue is just I'm on this high again. How long can I ride that? And to me, it's seeming in this moment that that's where the back and forth came from with his decision to retire and then not to retire, like I'm still on this high. Should I let it go now? I've just really changed the course of this team. Do I need to let that go now or should I continue on? Is it the best thing for me to come? That Number NINE endings and completions.

Sue: May, July and August are going to be significant months for him. We’ll be watching that.

Adrianna: And that's Preseason.

Sue: May, July and August. So that's our dear Tom Brady. If anybody has any information that would help us to understand better or what we said made sense or what we said didn't make sense, please, please, please email me or text me because I'm always interested on either side. All numbers have balance and unbalanced sides, so I like to hear everything.

If you're looking for a reading, you can go to Feel free to Text me any time with a question. (207) 907-5446 Adrianna, As always this was a whole lot of fun.

Adrianna: Yeah, that was a lot of fun. I actually liked breaking down and just running through his life a little bit, right?

Sue: So hopefully all those wonderful Tom Brady fans will reach out. I'm not a football person. As a matter of fact, like 15 minutes before we started this podcast. I went running out to my husband, who loves football, tell me more about Tom Brady. LOL But, you know, by rights, when I go into reading, I don't want to know anything about anything. Yeah, that's the best reading. That's why I don't do social media because I don't want to know anything about anybody. You come to me and I'm just reading what I see.

Adrianna: Off the paper, and that's where the magic happens. Kind of where the beauty of numerology really just plays out. It's just how could you know these things? How did you see these things?

Sue: And how much fun is it to see those soul changing years? I mean oh my gosh, it was meant to happen. It was written in the chart because sometimes things happen and it's not written in the chart. I'm always so thrilled when I see a marriage or a child's birth or graduated or something that was all written that was all supposed to happen.

Adrianna: I wouldn't be surprised if Tom Brady referred to a Numerologist.

Sue: Well, he can call me any time. Yeah. And I'll make sure I call you Adriana. LOL Thank you so much. We'll talk to you later. All right. See you. Bye.

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