Numerology and Alec Baldwin

Sue: Hi everybody. Welcome to Numbers Speak. I'm Sue Coffin and I'm here with Adriana who is studying Numerology. We decided that it would be fun if we chose certain people to explore and figure out their core energy and then go into the timelines and find out events and opportunities that have been going on throughout their life. Our last podcast was about Tom Brady. We've gotten quite a few hits on that and people liking it, that's so good. We decided to study Alec Baldwins chart. I was kind of interested in his energy because he seems to get into trouble a lot.

Adrianna: Yeah.

Sue: And I wanted to figure out what was going on with him and it was very self-explanatory with the numbers in his chart.

Adrianna: Yeah.

Sue: So how are you today, Adriana?

Adrianna: I am moving through the tides of time today.

Sue: Nice. I love working with Adrianna. She's free spirited. She see's numbers in a different way than I see it. So, I teach her, and she teaches me, which is so much fun. That's what it's all about. So, we're going to dive right in here with Alec's lifepath. The lifepath we get from month, day and year of birth. For Alec it’s a 12/3. Now to get the three, we add the double digits numbers 1+2=3 12/3. What is three for you?

Adrianna: Three is all about creative expression. Sometimes it's not just creative. Sometimes it's just expression. Just getting it out. Like being the star. The center of the room.

Sue: Kind of right up on the stage.

Adrianna: Yeah.

Sue: That's exactly right. 3 loves being up on the stage. He loves performing. Like you said, it's about self-expression. They're very animated. I have to tell everybody, I'm not a big movie person, so I'm going to kind of rely a little bit on Adrianna because I don't watch TV or movies very much. My husband always laughs if I start a movie, he always knows how good it is by how long I sit. Usually, I'm up within five or 10 minutes. lol Let’s get back to the number three.

Adrianna: Yeah.

Sue: So, he portrayed Trump on SNL. Now, when they do things like that, it's not always just the voice, it's also the action, the body language. And that's what that three can do, being very animated and fun loving. It likes to play. It likes to have a good time. You know when the party is dull and that person (the #3) comes through the door everybody is up and laughing, chatting, and having fun.

Sue: The birthday, which tells us natural talents and abilities that help him on his life path. Is the number three.

Adrianna: Yep.

Sue: So, he's doubled up on that, and when we double up, what happens. It can get out of balance.

Adrianna: Yeah. And I feel like he was a mama's boy and his mom just passed away.

Sue: Yes, on the 27th.

Adrianna: She validated him. I feel that because three has a lot of childlike energy to it. And I feel like his mom, nurtured that in a way. But I think when he's outside of the home it flares up. That's when he's getting in trouble or he's speaking out and he said thing that require a public apology, right? I think he just flares. I think he lashes out. But because he has double up on the three energy, I just really feel that his mom was the calming force for him.

Sue: Mm hmm. And also, he grew up with three brothers and two sisters.

Sue: When you get that many children, you kind of fend for yourself sometimes. As we get into the expression number, the heart's desire and the personality, which is all the letters in his name we see the expression number as the #2. That's the feminine side.

Adrianna: Yeah.

Sue: So, he does have that quality in him that wants peace and harmony. You can almost see that when he gets himself in trouble. I think he very genuine when he apologies but we can never forget the 3 energy is the actor.

Adrianna: Yeah.

Sue: When he finally settles down, it's like I probably shouldn't have done that. I shouldn't have said that. But his heart's desire and his personality is the #1. So, I mean, he is like so overloaded with the characteristic of the #1 which can cause Aggression, anger, lack of self-discipline.

Adrianna: That’s what I was going to say. I was letting you finish the thought. That's the word that came to my head. Aggression.

Sue: Well, I think the three is about the words, right. They come spewing out and that's not uncommon for a three to spew. Well, the other thing about the three energy is it can lose its cool very quickly. It's like a pressure cooker. It can build up, build up and then it's saying what it needs to say and then it's completely over it. And I think he really gets completely over it because of the two energy.

Sue: It really kicks in that he might have hurt somebody's feelings because #2 wants peace and harmony.

Adrianna: I mean, even with the letters in his name, he has a lot of one energy. Two has a yearning for peace and harmony, but it doesn't come easily. I don't think he knows how to maintain that because he's just attaining for himself. It must be hard. Like you're a celebrity, you're famous, you've got bookings, and maybe he's, he runs on a never ending, what's it when you burn a match?

Sue: Oh, the fuse.

Adrianna: Yeah, the fuse is just constantly burning.

Sue: Oh, I see. Yeah. He's, ready to explode and then attack and that’s really that one (standing in power) using the three (words) to push it through. One is about self, it's all about me. And if you make me mad, I'm going to tell you what I think because I got that three energy that's just going to spew out the out the words. But again, there is a sensitive side to him. I find it interesting. It just goes to show us that we are certainly more than one energy, sometimes 3 or 4 different numbers run in the core energy. We wonder why we feel crazy sometimes. Numerology sorts that out.

Sue: We ran the charts of his mom and his dad, and we were going to do the whole family. But that would have been very confusing, and we would have gone on for days because there's so many of them. We stopped at mom and dad. He was named after his father. So, what does that mean?

Adrianna: What do you mean?

Sue: That means father and son will express themselves in similar ways. It also brings in the same heart’s desire and personality. Is that good? Sometimes too much of the same energy causes friction especially with the #1. It's the opposite if you're a twin. If you're a twin, then your life path with be the same. But the twins will express themselves in a different way.

Adrianna: Yeah.

Sue: It's all so validating to the person who is getting the reading.

Adrianna: I think, though, because he's the third Alexander. Look, that's also another three.

Sue: Oh, that's true.

Adrianna: Yeah. I think maybe even just in considering that his dad would have been the second or junior. Like I think his dad had a softer side to him as well.

Sue: I think his dad was hard on everybody because he had a one life path, the 10/1 life path. It's ten times stronger because of the zero. And an eight birthday. I think there was big rules in the house and very strict. This is just assumption from what I'm seeing with the numbers. I need people in front of me validating what I see within the numbers. LOL

Adrianna: Yeah. But it's even funny, like looking at his mom's chart because it's weird. They have very similar energies and different placements, though. It’s kind of like where one person is on this kind of path over here. The other person is switch over here.

Sue: And that's what you see in families. Yeah. Numerology, DNA. And we can see that. We can see how sometimes adopted like yourself, they can get into families, and it doesn't match because the energy is off.

Adrianna: She even had the same heart's desire with him.

Sue: His mom has the same life path, yes. She has a one heart's desire. A one expression. When I sat with this chart, all I could think of is this family was at each other all the time. They were always there was always picking at each other. Everybody wanted to be the boss.

Adrianna: Yep. I definitely see that. Yeah. I think his mom might have suffered a lot in silence.

Sue: Really?.

Adrianna: I think she found herself in the middle because she understood it, at least just looking at the dad and then just looking at Alec. I feel like she understood. Where both sides were coming from and she may have fallen in the middle a lot of the times, just trying to dissolve whatever was maybe going on.

Sue: You know, Dad and Alec have the (2) expression. Mom has the (1). So, she might have been the ruler of the roost. She might have been the one who made the final decision. And the boys tried to. They tried, but they wanted that balance. Yeah. The other thing is that subconscious self, you see the seven.

Adrianna: For mom or Alec.

Sue: For all of them.

Adrianna: Yeah.

Sue: And when I see that there's a masking, they're masking something, they hold things in, whether it's masking through food, alcohol, drugs, sex, whatever. There's something that they cover up. They don't necessarily speak.

Adrianna: I didn't even think about the secret self and everything, but I definitely have the thought that especially Alec, tries to bottle everything up maybe, or he tries to maintain so much control of his public persona. But then he has that three energy. So sometimes it just comes out. But I think he hides a lot of it. And I think. I think that's where a lot of his controversies come from, you just can't hide certain stuff.

Sue: And maybe he hides that through his acting. Hmm. Maybe his acting is what helps and the comedy, because I think he has a good sense of humor with what little I read up on him. It seemed like he did a lot of comedies and things of that nature.

Adrianna: Yeah, it's really weird that I've always known who the Baldwin family was or is. For a long time, I couldn't tell who he was. Like, I just thought everyone was Alex. I don't know what was going on with him. It was some controversy was going on because the media always shows the worst pictures of him. And when I was looking over his chart, all I could think of or see in my mind's eye was just he always looked so sad, like, so depressed, but on the inside. You could see it in his eyes. So, yeah, even that makes me still lean to he's hiding something. He's not fully who he is.

Sue: Oh, that's interesting. That's interesting. Because the two, the two expression, they can be chameleons, right? They can change their colors to what they need to in order to keep everything going, keep peace and harmony in the group. Also, he writes?

Adrianna: Even the most recent movie “Rust” with all of that's going on. I'm pretty sure he was like co-directing it or he wrote it.

Adrianna: More behind the scenes. And then he was just also the main character. I think he has a lot of frustration within himself relating to his acting career. I think he has all of the tools, but I don't think he's reached the heights that he wants to reach, and I think he may be frustrated. I think it's pent up within him and I don't know how he lets that out.

Sue: Yeah, a lot of times with the one energy, they set these big goals, but they don't necessarily get to the goal, but they like the journey, they like the experience, they like to learn, and they want to do it all by themselves. See, there's two sides. He's got that one heart's desire, 1 personality that's all about self. And then he's got that expression number two that says, I really want to lean on you.

Adrianna: Maybe he can't trust that he can.

Sue: That could be. And that could be growing up. Right. You got all those brothers and sisters. I think he was the third one. Is that right?

Adrianna: He's the second one. He has an older sister and then he has a sister that's younger than him. And the brothers are all younger than him, too.

Sue: Okay.

Adrianna: So, yeah.

Sue: He had a little bit of control there, didn't he, with the kids, I mean, he was the big brother.

Adrianna: Yeah.

Sue: Usually the older one has a little better advantage.

Adrianna: I mean, before numerology, the fact that I thought that every Baldwin was Alec. I kind of already had that idea, that inclination that he was the star of his house. I think he was like, the one. That's a lot of pressure.

Sue: Yeah. Oh, you think he was number one? Everybody relied on him a lot.

Adrianna: Yeah. Because I thought his parents were famous. I thought they were actors just based on how much of a home kind of name they have. But no, I think they're both teachers. So, Alec was really what catapulted the family into stardom. I think there was a lot of pressure on him to just either continue on in that path of just going to achieve the highest heights of anyone in this family. Or it's just like maybe he was the provider or something. But I just feel by looking at his chart like he had pressure on him. It's something that's just not allowing him move past it. Like it's like a frog in your throat, it's just stuck there.

Sue: Now all his brothers are actors, is that right?

Adrianna: Yeah. But I don't think they've done nearly as much as he.

Sue: Are the sisters in the business?

Adrianna: I don't think so. They all look so much alike, it's insane.

Sue: Doesn't one run a burger place or something? Am I mixing things up?

Adrianna: Maybe that's the Wahlberg's.

Sue: Oh, yeah!! LOL You're right. See, that's why I'm leaving a lot of this up to Adrianne. This is why it's important when somebody is getting a reading to allow the chit chat, have that back and forth when we say something. It's because we're trying to figure out how this energy is working within themselves, and if we were sitting here with him talking, that would be so much fun, wouldn't it? Yeah. To be able to figure out how he's working those ones, how he's dealing with that overabundance of ones really.

Adrianna: Something just came to me. I mean, I had the thought earlier, but it just hit me now again. But you see how many fives he has?

Sue: Yes.

Adrianna: I think this is where he releases, like his off and on switch. But he has an overabundance of fives though.

Sue: Yes?

Adrianna: He may try to be as free as he wants without thinking. He already has that drive and aggression. And then, yeah, I think he might overdo it. Whatever he does.

Sue: So, he's going to think of himself with that one heart's desire and then one personality. And with those fives driving him, if he wants to take off and do something, he's going to do it. You can't stop him.

Adrianna: Yeah. And I think that's where a lot of his conflict come from. Even this whole situation with Rust right now. It's not hard to believe that he cuts corners. He doesn't always follow the rules. He says I know that this is the way that I have to take it, but I'm also seeing like this is what I want to do. I'm going to try to figure out how to do what I want to do.

Sue: Yeah. And a lot of times I bet it's impulsive because threes are very impulsive. I suspect if he gets the urge to do something, he's just going to go and do it and then figure out the consequences after.

Adrianna: He's good at that. That's one thing I have noticed about like celebrities. They're just always issuing an apology. And he's one of those celebrities that every couple of years, it's a new thing that he's apologizing for, but he's good at it. And he gets the new SNL hosting position. It's like he revives his career out of this stuff. Like he's good at it.

Sue: Threes are very, very clever with their words and five is also a very big communicator. He’s just got so much ability with communicating but as again there's so much about self just sitting there. He has to be careful with that..

Sue: Do you have anything else to talk about with his core energy, the energy that makes him who he is?

Adrianna: No, I think I'm good.

Sue: Okay. Well, we will jump into the timeline in our next podcast. And this is where we go in and we look at certain years and figure out what was going on with those years. And in those pinnacles that he's working through, I was interested because of what's going on right now, I was very interested in the personal year. We don't know how it's going to turn out, but we can look at the energy and see what the energy wants him to do. Right. And he's in that four year and with the #4 it's all about honesty, justice, home, staying grounded. I always say the 4 is the grownup number.

Adrianna: Yeah. Grounding just coming back to reality.

Sue: He's going to have to be honest because the truth will come out whatever is going on.

If you're interested in a reading, you can go to Healing Numbers 22 When you go to my website to sign up it will put you right into my calendar to schedule a time convenient for you. I will be so happy to meet you and read your number energy.

In our next podcast. We're going to be talking about Alec's timeline. We’ll see you then. Thank you.

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