Let Numerology Relieve the Stress of Christmas Gifting!

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

Let Numerology help relieve the stress of Christmas gifting! Find the birthday of the gift recipient below and discover the perfect gift based on their Life Path!

Life Path 1

For Birthdays falling on the 1st, 10th, 19th, or 28th of any month

Colors: Burgundy – Red

Gem: Ruby

Keywords: Independent, Original, Strong-willed, Type A personality, chooses always to be #1.

Number ones are energetic and usually love to exercise; a gift certificate to the gym, exercise clothes, shoes, or equipment for home would be perfect--or a fitness monitor to wear while exercising. Self-defense classes. They are big sport fans – buying memorabilia or tickets to a game usually will bring a smile. With all that energy there is stress, so give them a gift of massage therapy, essential oil therapy, pedicure, etc. A good autobiography relating to people who take on challenges and win. These folks want nothing but the best – so one good gift that help them to show off the #1 status will be a hit.

Life Path 2

For Birthdays falling on the 2nd, 11th, 22nd, or 29th of any month

Colors: Orange, peach, salmon, gold

Gem: Moonstone – Gold

Keywords: Considerate, Patient, Sentimental, Loving, Intuitive

A 2 is an easy person to buy for as they will be very appreciative of anything. Romance is the keyword, male or female. A quiet night out on the town with the one they love, a romance novel or DVD, a picture frame filled with loved ones. Champagne and glasses, massage, candles. 2’s are collectors, adding to their collection is heartfelt to them. Books on intuition as they are very intuitive. Dance lesson with the one they love.

A sincere letter stating your feelings will bring them to tears. 2’s don’t like to spend money, so the simpler the gift the more meaningful it is to them. A gift given to them from the heart will never be forgotten.

Life Path 3

For Birthdays falling on the 3rd, 12th, 21st, or 30th of any month

Colors: Yellow, Gold, Lemon

Gem: Topaz

Keywords: Creative, gifted with words, Emotional, Optimistic, Happy, Social

The 3 loves to socialize so getting tickets to any type of social event is wonderful. Improv, art, theater classes allows them to express their creativity. 3’s enjoy being in the spotlight and love to look good, so big and bold in clothing. A gift certificate for a hair stylist, manicure, pedicure - even better if there is an extra gift certificate for their friend as 3’s aren’t ones to go alone - they like company. Animals and children bring out the youthful energy in a 3 so make sure those are also included in your holidays.

Life Path 4

For Birthdays falling on the 4th, 13th, 22nd, or 31st of any month

Colors: Greens

Gem: Emerald, Green Jade

Keywords: Practical, Orderly, Disciplined, Cautious

Being practical and down to earth, gifts for a #4 have to be useful. Tools to use in the garden, items to help grow plants in the house, herbs, house plants, garden boots, garden books. A bouquet of flowers is not practical but house plants can be nurtured and are usually not as expensive. They love gifts that help them to stay organized and neat like a tablet, family planners, calendars, labelers, a special writing pen. Earthy items like pottery dishes, coffee cup. If you're lost as to what to buy a 4, just ask - they would be more than happy to write out a list for you.