Alec Baldwin's Numerology Timeline

Sue: Hello, Adrianna. How are you today?

Adrianna: I'm pretty good. How's it going where you are?

Sue: Wonderful. It's warm and sunny. Starting to feel like summer here in Maine, absolutely beautiful.

Sue: Hello, Adrianna. How are you today?

Adrianna: I'm pretty good. How's it going where you are?

Sue: Wonderful. It's warm and sunny. Starting to feel like summer here in Maine, absolutely beautiful.

Sue: In our last podcast, we were talking about Alec Baldwin's core energy, the energy that makes him who he is. And we found that he's has a lot of #1 energy. Which makes him very independent and thinking a lot about self. He also has #2 energy, which is about keeping peace and harmony. Actually, “2” is the lover, isn't it? It's the peaceful one. And then the #3 energy he also has, which puts him on the stage. It's perfect. I mean, he's right where he's supposed to be with the acting and having fun and being up in front of people. And in this podcast, we want to investigate his timeline and see how things are working because I'm a little interested in what's going on in this year. Did it happen in 2022? It did, didn't it?

Adrianna: I think 2021.

Sue: 2021. Yes, you're right. October We are going to look at the pinnacles and the challenges. Then we look at what we call soul changing years. Soul changing years aren't always necessarily bad. They are years that stand out in one's mind. The pinnacles and the challenges are what changes the energy on the Lifepath. Giving you a different experience and the challenges are hurdles that we have to hurdles over to help us understand the energy of that challenge better. Once we do that, then it becomes one of our greatest assets. His first challenge was a seven. I mean, excuse me, his first pinnacle was a seven. He was challenged by one. Now, seven is all about study, isn't it? Yeah, research. “7” is a spiritual number. So, when I see it in a pinnacle, it can mean that there is spirituality or religion in a home. He could be growing up with a lot of religion. Or it might mean there's no religion at all either. But he's curious about it, I think, one way or another. Trying to find himself. And then he challenges himself with that one. And he's got so much one energy, right? So interesting.

Adrianna: Maybe in his early years because he didn't originally go to school to become an actor, he went to school for something else, then he switched. Maybe that was what his challenge was like. Doing what his family or other people might expect of him and then just staying true to himself. And I think acting is truly something that he wants to do. Being in entertainment, in some way. I think that's something that he truly wants to do. But that may have been a point of conflict for him, or it may have been something where he had to really sit and think about if he should take this path or just follow his heart.

Sue: Well, it definitely is something he wanted to do because of that “3” life path.

Adrianna: Yeah.

Sue: I mean, that's to be on the stage, right? Maybe it was his family. Maybe they were trying to convince him to be a banker or something other than an actor. He had that conflict of trying to convince them. But I think he was studious. I think he was grounded. And I think he liked to learn.

Adrianna: I mean, that's the perfect energy to be the child of teachers. To be his first pinnacle. Like that's a perfect I mean, it's almost like the environment was just meant to be.

Adrianna: Made for him.

Sue: He is in a soul changing year in 1961. Then he had another one, 1963, 1964. I couldn't find anything. But this is when all the children were being born.

Adrianna: Yeah.

Sue: I don't know if those were kind of years that stood out to him as Mama was bringing all the babies, brothers and sister’s home. Then in 1971, he had a soul-changing year at the age of 13. Which isn't unrealistic. That's teenage years, right? I don't know what happened. I didn't find anything. I had a hard time finding things early in his life.

Adrianna: Yeah, I. It's really funny. Their such a public family, but just overall, it's a lot that just starts with the acting career.

Sue: Right. It did. Yes, I saw that. At the age of 26, 1984. See that six and two together? I don't know if he fell in love during that time, had a girlfriend or what was going on. But I thought that was interesting. And then again, in 1988, again was the six and two at the age of 30.

Adrianna: I think he was dating someone at that point, though.

Sue: Yes. I don't think Alec Baldwin was without a girl on his arm.

Adrianna: Yeah. Yeah.

Sue: I just think that because the “2’s” want to be in relationships. They don't like being alone. He has duality, doesn't he? He has that “1”, I want to be alone. I want to stand on my own two feet. But then his expression wants to be with people and to be in a relationship. Then the next Pinnacle was an “8”. With a “2” challenge. The “2” challenges his expression number during 1992 and 2000. This is where his expression was really starting to grow. He was being asked to have patience. He had to learn to slow down, learn how to cooperate, work in groups of people, negotiate.

Adrianna: It's just perfect. And the timing of it, he was going through a rough time at this age. I think him and his first wife were getting divorced. There was some issue with his daughter. Like he had to do a lot to just remain in her life. I'm pretty sure this all happened around like 2000 when he's in that pinnacle.

Sue: Let's see, Kim Basinger and Alec were in a play together in 1990, but they married in 1993, which was a “2” Personal year (Relationships). And then they had their daughter in 1995, which was a soul changing year.

Adrianna: His first wife? Yeah, his first wife, they separated. And then they got they got divorced and he married another lady. They seem to be happy. But the first marriage was definitely volatile.

Sue: And what is eight? It’s about righting wrongs. Working on things that are being swung around. You need to take care of business so that you can overcome it, be stronger for it. “8” says you Reap what you Sowed. He had a lot of 22/4 in his transition and essences. He was really trying to make his dreams come true. When we have eight and four together, sometimes that causes adversity because you're in your head, you are looking straight ahead, no peripheral vision. That was his only soul changing year in that pinnacle that the age of 37, 1995. And that was when his daughter was born. I always love it. I just love it when I see a marriage or child or something as a soul changing year because she was written into the chart. I suspect there might be a closeness with them. I'm not sure.

Adrianna: She they may be close. I don't know which daughter this was.

Sue: Ireland Baldwin, mom was Kim Basinger.

Adrianna: Something happened concerning his relationship with his daughter. He said something in a voicemail that came out. I remember that almost like the Mel Gibson thing.

Adrianna: Yes. I don't know if they have a close relationship, but I know that he fought tooth and nail to make sure that he could be involved in her life.

Sue: In 1995, which was a soul changing year for him, Baldwin allegedly assaulted a photographer for videotaping their three-day old daughter. The couple was returning from the hospital and was confronted by the photographer outside their Los Angeles home. Whoopi Goldberg praised Baldwin for his actions during her opening monologue while hosting the 68th Academy Awards.

Adrianna: And that was the 4 year?

Sue: Yes, a four year and a four transit.

Adrianna: Well, that's funny. I mean, it's not necessarily funny that he assaulted a photographer, but and for that to be like a year “4”. Yes, a year of grounding, but it is also just getting back to your roots.

Sue: It's Mother Earth, right? Yeah.

Adrianna: I think I'm feeling like he definitely wanted to be an actor. Maybe the conflict was him being an actor. Because he jeopardizes his career with his outbursts. And then for that to have happened during one of those years.

Sue: “4” is a very serious number, right? I don't I think it matters what he took up for a career, he would behave like this, right?

Adrianna: Yeah.

Sue: We just know about it because he's Alec Baldwin and the media follows him. I had that written down where he had said something nasty about his daughter on the phone. Somebody got a hold of it and sold it. That’s what I read.

Adrianna: I definitely do get the feeling that even just in that situation, how we were saying in the last episode, I feel like maybe he can't trust people to actually let loose and say, what it is that he wants to say or act how he wants to act. But I think that's an instance of just where he reacted and even still like he couldn't. He wasn't allowed to just be human in his reaction though, like he had to deal with public scrutiny on top of that.

Sue: Yeah, that's how he does it. It just comes out, right? It's like this pressure cooker goes off and he says what he says without thinking. Then he has to write that apology. That is not uncommon for “3” energy. So, the next pinnacle was a six and again challenged by the one boy. He’s really trying to learn how to control that “1”. I think the challenge is, ah, you don't have to be so aggressive. You have to understand it's not all about you. Sometimes you have to step outside and think about other people. And then that sixth pinnacle is it's about home and family.

Sue: Then August of 2011.

Adrianna: Oh, he gets married again.

Sue: He gets married. But that was in the next pinnacle. It didn't happen during this pinnacle. In April 11th, 2007, at the age of 49. Baldwin contended that after seven years of issues, he hits a breaking point. And on April 11, 2007, left an angry voice message in response to another unanswered call-in which Baldwin called his 11 year old daughter a rude, thoughtless little pig. Oh, my God. That's awful.

Adrianna: Yeah.

Sue: He contends that the tape was sold and released.

Adrianna: And that was during a six pinnacle.

Sue: That was during the sixth. Right. That makes sense. Because the six brings in family. It brings in those relationships and working on them. Like I said, if it's a good relationship, it gets better and this pinnacle will support that and if it needs to go away, it will support that, too.

Sue: Now he had 2 soul changing years within this pinnacle. And one was at the age of 47, in 2005 and 48 in 2006, he did a lot of things on Broadway. See, I don't know a lot of these shows. I bet a lot of them could have been family shows or help to bring in families. They weren't just for adults, you know.

Sue: I don't know that because I don't know a lot about Broadway and different plays.

Adrianna: I feel he has one of the most recognizable names as far as actors. But it's really funny because I don't know much about his acting career. I've seen him in things, but I couldn't say exactly what I've seen him in. I just know I've seen him act before.

Sue: The only thing I know is how is impersonations of Trump on SNL? That's all I know. And I thought he did a really good job.

Adrianna: I can say he does a good job minimizing. That makes it sound like it's bad. But he is really good about, he can joke on himself. I'm pretty sure he did something on SNL, even just concerning the voicemail thing where he just became a joke, yeah, I did this thing, but I can laugh at it like he's good at that. Like putting other people at ease with.

Sue: That's really the “3” energy. They're very good with their words. They're very good sometimes even at manipulating.

Adrianna: Yeah!

Sue: Then the last pinnacle is a “9” challenged by the “1”. C. You can almost understand now why there's so many outbursts, there's so much of that self that keeps showing itself. The soul really came here to try to tame that. Try to figure out how to be able to tell people what you need and what you want without having to cause a fuss.

Adrianna: Especially now that his mom just passed. And he's still currently in this “9” pinnacle.

Sue: Right. He’ll be in this for the rest of his life.

Adrianna: And then I'm pretty sure right now he's in like a nine transit or essence.

Sue: Yes, he is. 18/9.

Adrianna: It’s good that all of this stuff is happening in a year where the energy easily ground yourself. But I think he's being confronted with his past decisions. I just I still feel like his mom was the thing that that helped a lot of his decision making together. And now that she's gone, I think he's going to have to be confronted with just like how he's making his own decisions. I see a lot of newness on the horizon for him. Like I see new chapters. I think this is another period for him to recreate himself. No matter how bad this controversy may seem, I'm still seeing new horizons for him. But I. I think it all comes down to how he confronts. What's going on inside of him.

Sue: Because the nine is about past, right?

Adrianna: Yeah.

Sue: Now whether it's in this lifetime or past lives. It's working with trying to complete things and trying to not only for himself, but maybe he's here helping other people with their past life stuff. 2011 was a soul changing year and that's when he got married.

Adrianna: It's always just nice when it works out like that.

Sue: I know it's not a coincidence. We just have the ability to see it in our numbers, which is really fun. Like you said, he's very happily married. She seems to keep him grounded. It would have been fun to run her chart. Now, he had another soul changing year in 2015, which I don't have anything on. I don't have anything that I could find on him. It was a 15/6. I suspect it was something going on with him. Oh, wait, wait, wait…. Babies!!

Adrianna: Yeah. Oh, my.

Sue: Gosh. That's right. He has like seven children.

Adrianna: I was going to say there's probably a likelihood if this is a “6” soul changing year, it probably has something to do with a child being introduced.

Sue: Yes. How much fun is that? The next soul changing years at the age of 70 in 2028. But you're right, he's in the “9” Pinnacle. He’s transit is a “9”. He’s really working on some unconditional love, forgiveness, letting go. It's about purging, getting rid of some of those things that he's been hanging on to.

Adrianna: Yeah.

Sue: And I think you're right. If it was mom that was keeping him together, that's going to take a while for him to. Moms are very powerful.

Adrianna: Yeah.

Sue: It doesn't matter how old their children are, they still hold a lot of power and I think she was a force to be reckoned with all her”1” energy. She had that “1” expression. Her boys had the “2” expression. I believe she almost always played the last card.

Sue: I don't know, I just think with what's going on, if it gets resolved this year, there will have to be some real true honesty that will show itself. “4” is all about Justice. Four also speak of the body. It’s very important that Alec watch his health this year.

Adrianna: Yeah.

Sue: Now whether the honesty has come out, I don't know that. But I just know its very grounded energy. It's like details, it likes organization. He's doing a lot of thinking right now, trying to resolve everything. What happened was horrible for the victim that lost her life and for the person who has to live with knowing that they did that awful act.

Adrianna: It’s really interesting to think about the secret self being a “7”, he ducks off pretty often and he says that I just have to tap out, I need a break, and he'll go take vacations and travel and just spend time in the world of that. I definitely think it’s serving him right now. But you just don't know how it's going to play out just because there's so much going on.

Sue: Correct? Next year is a five year. That’s all about change and expansion. There's movement within that that year for him. Some expected and some unexpected.

Adrianna: I think next year will be an interesting year for him. I think of all the people that we've looked at, he's probably one of the most well equipped, to adapt to any kind of anything that's really getting thrown his way. I think he may struggle, but I think he's really sure in himself in a way that you can throw whatever goes at him, but he's always going to figure out and work it.

Sue: That's what that “1” does. “1” takes care of self. It doesn't matter. They're very strong willed. They're thinking all the time because “1” is an analytical number and in his head. No matter what, he’s going to figure it out. But I feel bad for him. I feel bad for his family. This was a tragedy. And then the media, you know, just does what media does. We have to pray for everybody!

Sue: Well, that was interesting and so much fun. We were getting on a roll. I love it! I thank everybody for joining us. I appreciate your comments and your suggestions. If you do have somebody you would like for us to talk about, yeah, please send that along. If you study somebody and you'd like to join us, that was fun. That would be very fun. We'll run the charts and we'll do our numbers. And then you can tell us as we go along how that's working with what you know. That would be a whole lot of fun.

Sue: If you'd like to have a reading with me, you can go to the Healing Numbers 22 Check off what reading you would like and then it will take you to my calendar so you can schedule a time convenient for you.

Sue: Again, thank you very much for joining us. Adrianna, Thank you. I always enjoy talking with you and working with you.

Adrianna: Thank you for having me.

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