Embrace your true self

with the understanding of Numberology

Sound familiar?

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Are you stuck living a life that doesn’t feel right?

Have you wondered why some experiences keep repeating themselves over and over?


Do you worry about the disconnect between you and your child, partner, or boss?

Is there a number sequence that keeps appearing and your not sure what it means?

Life isn’t random;

situations can be predicted and understood through the science of Numerology.


A Numerology Reading allows me to help you by understanding and validate the energy that makes you unique.  I patiently explain to you the energy that makes you who you are and when to expect certain shifts in energy to take place, bringing in new opportunities and experiences. 

Your reading will illuminate the choices of your past and give you the tools to build a better future!  I look forward to  reading for you as you start making the most of your journey called life. 


Healing Numbers 22, Intuitive Numerologist

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