About Me

As a young child, I had many psychic phenomena happen around me, which piqued my curiosity about the unknown. Metaphysical studies became very important to me, and I have continued those studies my entire life. In the midst of all of the books and information I was reading and all of the classes I have taken, I had a Numerology reading that knocked me off my feet.  I truly was astonished at the information that was given to me by just using my Birth name and Birth date.  I was hooked – since that time, I’ve studied beginning and advanced numerology, beyond advanced numerology, and compatibility readings.  Now I’m offering my services to help people by using a chart that totally validates their journeys.


I am happily married to a wonderful man who fully supports my love of Numerology, I’m a mom of 2, stepmother of 3, and a grandmother of 5 and have been blessed with a great-grandson in 2017. I enjoy reading, playing the piano, dance, cooking, knitting, gardening. My love revolves around my home (the #6); I treasure that energy. I care very deeply. Let me take you through your chart, with my knowledge and compassion.


Alison Baughman is the fantastic numerologist who gave me my first reading and taught all the classes I took. She is my mentor and my best cheerleader. I will be forever grateful for her wisdom, kindness, and patience.

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